Brides comprehensive second-hand furniture at the wedding

Becky McMitchell started buying second-hand goods in 2015. She even buys wedding dresses at second-hand stores.

Becky McMitchell (35 years old, from Worcestershire, UK) said she had stopped going to street fashion stores since 2015. She decided to follow her mother to a thrift shop to shop.

Here, Becky McMitchell has hunted for bargain items like cashmere sweaters for $ 4. She also bought a pair of Russell and Bromley handbags (originally over $ 260) for only $ 14, and an Escada brand belt (for more than $ 400) for nearly $ 2.

In addition, she can also buy a series of products such as leather jackets, fur coats, and speakers with Gucci designs with the price ranging from 5-24 USD.

In particular, the second-hand shop is where Becky McMitchell bought a wedding dress, after her boyfriend George proposed marriage.

Becky McMitchell refused to schedule an appointment at the wedding store. Instead, the thrift shop is where a 35-year-old woman decides to “choose the face to send gold”. She feels lucky that a local store has just opened a wedding section.

According to The Sun, Becky McMitchell chose silk and lace dresses that cost more than $ 400. She had cut it back to fit her body. In addition, she also spent 27 USD on velvet pink high heels.

Becky McMitchell makes use of 100 old vintage brooch pins and a wire to make wedding flowers.

“I went with my mother. She was the one who discovered this dress. Look on the hanger, it looks nothing special. But it’s vintage, second-hand. I tried it and liked it.

Some people think I’m crazy to wear the charity store’s wedding dress, but nothing is more perfect than this. Even my jewelry is old. This pearl belongs to my mother. Wedding rings, engagement rings are the belongings of my grandmother and George’s grandmother”, Becky McMitchell shared.

She entered the hall with second-hand items from head to toe. Becky McMitchell still feels like he’s wearing a million dollar outfit.

As a child, Becky McMitchell used to shop in the street and was interested in new fashion trends.

“I started to realize that I could buy things for a quarter of the original price. So this is a good push. I feel ashamed of ever buying clothes from fast fashion brands. do not know about its impact on the environment or garment workers in 3rd world countries.

Now I know better and do not want to support companies that harm the environment, the community. I am not in favor of overconsumption or overproduction,” said the 35-year-old woman.

In addition, she shares tips on thrift shopping. She advises people to prioritize quality over quantity, check size and need patience. Because thrift shopping is not for those in a hurry.

The wedding may be small, but the dress must be lavish (Part 1)

Indian brides believe that a wedding can invite few guests, but the costumes must be perfect, have high value, and express themselves.

Zing quotes a post from the South China Morning Post, referring to the trend of Indian brides to choose unique, reusable wedding dresses for other occasions.

Around this time two years ago, Indian elite society was preparing to attend the wedding of Isha Ambani – the daughter of Asia’s richest billionaire Mukesh Ambani – with Anand Piramal – founder of Piramal Realty, one of India’s largest real estate companies.

This wedding brings together powerful figures, famous international stars, including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, singer Beyonce, Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas, etc.

According to Bloomberg, this is considered a true “royal wedding” with a budget of up to 100 million USD – 3 times the wedding cost of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Ambani – Piramal couple went through at least 5 different celebrations to become a couple. Before their official one-week wedding ceremony in Mumbai, the couple held their engagement ceremony in Northern Italy and a lavish celebration party in the center of Udaipur city (India).

Her every day outfits are made by leading Indian designers such as Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. The dress Ambani wore in the main reception was custom-made from the prestigious Valentino fashion house.

A “giant wedding” has long been a part of traditional Indian culture. They are known to last for many days and are meticulously prepared, from the venue, the food to the costumes. A 2017 report by the accounting organization KPMG estimates that the wedding dress market in this country is worth more than $ 50 billion.

However, Covid-19 appeared, somewhat influencing lavish weddings, especially in the fashion industry.

“For most famous fashion designers, wedding dresses – including the bride, groom and guests – make up more than 70% of the income,” said Sunil Sethi – Chairman of Design Council Indian fashion – said.

When weddings downsize, attention to detail is more important than ever. Therefore, the brides want their costumes to be special, unique and express their own personality.

Organizing a wedding party during the epidemic season should note the following

Due to the wide spread of Corona (COVID – 19), people are also sensitive to going to crowded places. Especially the couples are going to love their wedding day.

The wedding planner you have booked earlier is difficult to completely cancel. Understanding your worries, we would like to share with you some important notes when holding a wedding party this season.

Limit the number of participants

To avoid crowding out under the direction of the government, you should limit inviting too many people. The closest people should be selected to attend their wedding party, in order to reduce the risk of disease.

Prioritizing inviting guests with close relationships will help people easily integrate into the party. At the same time, the preparation and service in the dining process also becomes more attentive. With a small number of guests, the atmosphere was not too noisy but still exuded the meaning of your couple’s day.

Choose to hire an outdoor wedding organization

If you hold a wedding party in a house using air conditioning, the air in the room will easily increase the risk of spread if someone experiences symptoms of COVID – 19. Therefore, the most feasible option at this time is organizing an outdoor wedding.

With a wedding party held outdoors, the airy air will largely reduce the risk of disease. Moreover, the trend of organizing an outdoor wedding in the summer will be very cool and pleasant when you choose a wedding service in the evening.

Prioritize to choose nutritious dishes and drinks

Instead of using beer, you can replace with juice such as oranges, lemons, … to entertain your guests. Choosing a drink high in vitamins is also helping people to increase their resistance, be healthier this season.

Besides, you can choose to add delicious and nutritious dishes to the wedding menu. With a small number of guests, by investing in high quality and nutritious food and drink, the bride and groom will surely score in the hearts of the guests.

Prepare some disease prevention supplies

To prevent this epidemic, you should ask the party center to prepare hand sanitizer, antiseptic solution and equipment for temperature measuring for the guests attending the wedding. These are ways that you can both protect everyone’s health and help your wedding go on in the best and most fulfilling way this season.

Filming the wedding day and other information you need to know

Are you preparing for a wedding and do not know whether to film the wedding day or not? Before making a decision whether or not, stay tuned for this article.

In addition to wedding photography, filming on the wedding day is chosen by many modern couples. Filming is a way for you to capture the sweet moments of your big day. However, many couples think this is redundant and unnecessary. Should we film the wedding day or not?

Wedding reportage is known as a short clip, with a long team and moderate capacity for sharp images, carefully adjusted to every detail. You can use this short report to post on social networks, share with friends and relatives about your happy day.

The wedding reportage will record the whole wedding process from the time of preparing outfits, decorating the wedding day to the reception of the bride, the wedding ceremony and the sweet moments of the two of you when exchanging a kiss, etc.

Unlike traditional filming, wedding reportage can be flexibly transformed according to the preferences and requirements of the bride and groom. All of these will bring impressive and unforgettable moments in your wedding photo album and wedding reportage. Then why should you wonder “should the wedding be filmed?”.

With economic conditions that do not allow, while preparing the wedding also costs a lot of money, many issues and opinions surrounding whether to film should not make couples wonder.

Someone said that filming a wedding reportage is essential if the two of you have economic conditions. Often wedding photography only records simple images, it is difficult to follow the details of your wedding. But if you shoot the wedding report, when you watch it again you can see your wedding overview, you can see your happy day expressions.

On the other hand, for many modern young people, it is not difficult to spend money on wedding reporting just wanting to record your youthful moments, your big day.

For those who do not share the same opinion, they think that filming wedding reportage is not necessary. Because even if we filmed, we didn’t have much time to watch it in the future. Often people only consider it a few times to leave. Not to mention the filming also costs quite a large amount of money.

Thus, whether or not to film the wedding day depends a lot on the bride and groom’s financial conditions and preferences. If you feel that you have the ability to pay, wish to capture beautiful moments at the wedding, do not hesitate to invest in this. Because the short reportage clip can be a meaningful material for your children and grandchildren to watch later, recall your memorable day.

If the two of you do not feel bad financially, do not like this, you do not need to film. Because if love is big enough, you will also feel happy and fulfilled with your wedding photo.

Tell You When To Prepare For The Best Wedding

How long does it take to prepare for the wedding? How long should it take to prepare the wedding to have the most complete, beautiful, impressive and happy wedding?

Weddings are a great holiday of everyone’s life, so preparation is very important. We must ensure important procedures and work for the wedding but still have to create unforgettable memories for ourselves.

How long is the wedding preparation time appropriate?

Are Wedding Receptions Allowed? The Latest Coronavirus Rules for ...

In fact, not everyone has the same time to prepare for a wedding, some will prepare for the whole year, some only prepare for a few months. This depends on the time held by our parents, grandparents to watch for a good day. Currently, there are many wedding packages available, which saves time in preparing for the wedding in several stages.

However, although there are many wedding services, you should still have specific plans with certain timelines. This will make it easier for you to prepare, avoid the case that you will not have a lot of work done until the wedding day, it is difficult for everything to go as you like.

Suggestions to prepare a wedding before 6 months

Below, we will give you suggestions on what to do before your wedding. Preparing for the wedding is 6 months – this time is quite suitable for you to be able to plan and execute important tasks.

Things you need to do during this preparation time include:

– See wedding date: Marriage is a matter of life. Therefore, choosing a good wedding date should never be ignored before formal ceremonies are carried out.

– Make a wedding budget: Without making a clear budget for the wedding, it will become a burden for the couple after the wedding day. Therefore, you should have a detailed statement of each item: total budget, total expenditure and total revenue.

Barefoot Beach Bride -Beach Weddings- Ocean City Md

– Order wedding invitations: Invitation cards are usually sent 1 week before the wedding day. So calculate the number of guests, then come up with an idea for the wedding invitation and arrange a print date for the scheduled time.

– Place the ceremony and party place: Do not book the party too close to the date, it will be easy to encounter price pressure, inadequate service. Not to mention, during the wedding season, the holiday season, the restaurant will often have no space. So, to be able to place the wedding party as you like, you should set up to book early.

– Find wedding dress patterns: Check out the trending or trendy wedding dress patterns and match the time that you get married. You can find to rent or order, depending on your finances.

– Choose the location to take pictures: Although you can take a wedding photo 1-2 months in advance, you should seek information about the wedding photo location first so that you can choose the location, beautiful and suitable photography style. unify.

– Select wedding car services: Find a professional wedding car rental service provider so you can rent a car to eat for relatives, wedding car. During the peak season, it is very difficult to rent a car, so plan ahead for it.

Preparing time for the wedding is very important, so you need to develop a clear schedule and timeline to ensure the work is done fully, well and happiest. Wish you all have a great day with lots of joy and memories.

Top 10 most romantic wedding places in the world (Part 2)

7. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

There’s a reason celebrities like Maddona, Paul McCartney or Pierce Brosnan have chosen to get married in castles, is that even if it’s not, you’ll feel like you’re in a royal wedding. Scotland boasts numerous castles, some in ruins, some belonging to private homes, and many of which have been restored to form luxury hotels. Consider having a romantic wedding at Dalhousie Castle, a 13th-century fortress a few miles from the capital Edinburgh. The castle has 14 out of 27 rooms decorated according to historical themes and you can have dinner in ancient dungeons. An experience no less romantic, right?

8. Legion of Honor, Sanfrancisco, USA

Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Sanfrancisco Bay, the Legion of Honor (Legion of Honor) is a great wedding venue. You will be impressed with the neoclassical architecture of this historical art museum, which is not only a great setting for weddings, but also unforgettable photo spots. Rent cafes or borrow a tent to set up the front lawn, and you and your guests can dance in front of Rodin’s Thinker statue and Golden Gate Bridge.

9. The majestic cave wedding in South Wales, England

Never thought you were going to get married in a cave? Think back to seeing the grandeur and wonder of caves in South Wales, England. There is a large room called “the dome of St. Paul” with a large lake formed from two waterfalls. Unique natural scenery, romantic space will make for an unforgettable wedding.

10. Central Park, New York, USA

Few romantic cities like New York and Central Park are the heart of the city. For a small fee, in return, you can have your wedding ceremony in the beautiful gardens of this park. A few suggestions for you such as:

– Conservatory Gardens

– Bow Bridge

– Pool

– Shakespeare Gardens …

Top 10 most romantic wedding places in the world (Part 1)

The wedding season is here have you chosen for yourself a romantic place for your wedding and honeymoon? A luxurious, sophisticated place with a fairytale wedding or a simple, romantic place, just me and me? Find out 10 wedding venues that every couple wants to hold here!

1. Grand Hotel, Florence, Italy

Located on the banks of the Arno River in central Florence, the Grand Hotel was a splendid 18th-century palace converted into a hotel. The hotel has a very large and splendid ballroom, which is suitable for a royal wedding ceremony.

2. Peaks in New Zealand

If you are looking for a romantic place with majestic scenery, come to New Zealand. In the mountains here you can choose from countless spots with the background of identical hills, flat lakes or weddings on glaciers or beautiful churches here. bad idea.

3. Castle Esclimont, France

You often imagine your wedding as sparkling and splendid as a fairy-tale wedding? Come to Esclimont castle, a castle located not far from the palace of Versailles, only 45 minutes by car from Paris. If the wedding is held here, the guests will not help admiring the ancient castle located on the 150-acre lake, they will also enjoy the outdoor activities here such as fishing, horseback riding, walking. set and relax.

4. Island of Saint Géran, Mauritius with white sandy beaches off the Indian Ocean

Located 500km east of Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the destination of many famous people in the world, including the British royal family, actor Ewan McGregor or tennis star Roger Federer. Mauritius’s culture is a fusion of Asia and Africa. This is also a great place for weddings because of the long, windswept white sand beaches and you can combine a honeymoon in Africa.

Mauritius boasts many 5-star luxury resorts. Celebrities come to Saint Géran to relax in the spacious mansion, dining at the Spoon des Iles restaurant with celebrity chef Alain Ducasse. There is also a luxury spa and a golf course of international standards. A romantic wedding with bare feet on the legendary wild white sand. Great!

5. Cathedral hotel Peak, Drakensberg, South Africa

The hotel’s rooms are great, but the reason you come here for a wedding is the unique stone chapel and shrine. The synagogue window expands with a magnificent view of the Drakensberg mountains. Come here to organize a wedding, book a room with a relaxing spa bath, go see thousands of Bushman stone paintings in the Drakensberg mountains, immerse yourself in the wilderness here with green animals and plants, go watching the waterfall or can play golf, horseback riding, watch giraffes, zebras….

6. Tandjung Sari Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Bali has long been the destination for wedding and honeymoon couples. Most of the resorts are full of tourists from the US. However, you can still find a great place to get married in a sweet and poetic space, in the village of Sanur. This small resort belongs to an Indonesian family with 26 unique wooden bungalows, each with its own unique character. Ask for a romantic wedding space by the sea, you will have a dream wedding!

10 stunning overseas beach wedding venues around the world

Beautiful and romantic beaches are always ideal places for couples. Nowadays, beach weddings are more and more popular. The paradise that most couples want to be able to hold a wedding ceremony such as Fiji, Hawaii, Bali … are always the first choice and priority. let’s join us to check out beautiful beaches to hold a wedding.  


Fiji is one of the most favorite places for couples with wild and romantic beaches. The Fiji archipelago has more than 333 islands filled with sunshine, white sand and is considered a paradise for wedding couples. Hotels in Fiji always have professional wedding services and the beach is wide, unspoiled and quiet for partying.


Rarotonga is located in the center of Cook Islands, blessed by nature with emerald green waters. If you want a quiet, romantic, gentle wedding, Rarotonga is a perfect choice.


Hawaii has long been a tourist paradise for all domestic and international tourists. This is one of the places for you to have a big, fun wedding party. This is a popular venue for couples in the US. Especially in Hawaii there are full of beautiful resorts to take pictures and hold a romantic wedding.


If you plan to organize a group in a foreign country but still guarantee a low cost, Thailand is a perfect choice. Not only can you be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery of Phuket’s waters or bustling weddings in Pattaya, but your guests can also experience many more interesting things about Thailand tourism .


If you want to choose a quiet wedding destination next to the pristine and beautiful beaches where only friends and family are present, Song Saa Cambodia resort is the most suitable choice for a single wedding. simple, cheap and romantic. It offers a professional wedding planning service that you should not miss.


Bali has long been known as a paradise for couples to choose to hold a romantic wedding party. This is also a wedding venue that is loved by Chinese stars.


Mauritius is a place that owns countless beautiful beaches, stretching white sand with many luxurious and romantic hotels suitable for organizing beautiful romantic weddings. Because it is located quite far from the mainland, hidden in turquoise waters, Mauritius attracts couples to organize friendly and relaxing small weddings with families.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located at the southern end of the coast of India and is considered a sea paradise for couples. With beautiful beaches, filled with green palm hills, and especially many large, reasonably priced hotels, it always attracts couples and families to hold weddings.


Italy is a romantic destination with ancient spaces of ancient churches, majestic castles scattered throughout the country. Italian tourism always attracts millions of visitors each year. It is also the venue for wedding venues in the coastal regions of Amalfi and Maratea.

New Zealand

The Cove Church in New Zealand is one of the dream wedding venues of all couples with great vistas. With beautiful quiet beaches, New Zealand is always a favorite destination for foreign tourists.

Ten Fresh Wedding Trends to See Everywhere in 2020 (part 1)

Like every new-year, 2020 has brought a fresh wave of cool and conscious wedding ideas that you will want to steal as soon as possible.

Couples that are planning their weddings this year are looking to make a serious splash with bold attire, creative florals, and vibrant colors, at the same time keeping inclusivity and sustainability with their guests placed top of mind.

From rhinestone hair barrettes to interactive scent bars, these wedding trends are making the most buzz in the present. And if you are heading down the aisle in the coming time, it is perfect to pull inspiration from this article.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Details

Zero waste is not only a lifestyle but also a wedding style. According to The Knot, sustainable weddings are more and more trending, with a lot of soonly-weds committed to minimizing their celebration’s carbon footprint as well as increasing or reusing certain details such as flowers, attire, and decor.

2. Consciously Inclusive Food Options

Not to mention totally reinvent the wheel, this year will serve up wedding dishes that can cater to each person’s dietary preferences and restrictions. Think unparalleled service, conveyor-belt-served appetizers, and over-the-top mocktails.

3. Self-Serve Sips

In terms of presentation and service, the wedding bar situation looks insanely cool this year. The Knot has been seeing an increase in self-service drink stations such as champagne dispensers, beer taps, and the ever-popular margarita bar where guests can easily choose their own garnishes and mix-ins to taste.

4. Innovative Lighting

A wedding is not perfect without mood lighting. Since candles, string lights, and lanterns will never go out of date, couples are making space for unique and bold lighting options such as hanging modern tube lighting, LED light signs, and basket lanterns, to name a few.

Good ideas for weddings on summer days

Now with many couples no longer a concern about weddings in the summer, because there are many interesting ideas for the bride and groom to apply to the wedding decoration on summer days. 

Your wedding will be very impressive with a party held near the pool, the menu includes cool drinks or gentle pastel colors are being one of the good ideas for summer wedding.

On hot days, the best place to hold a wedding is to be close to watery places like the pool or the sea. Brides and grooms may also consider setting up large and small tents and partying on green lawns or among trees closer to nature. So you should choose a good and convenient place to make your wedding party become more majestic.

28 Real COVID-19 Weddings From Around the World

Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses
Instead of choosing the wedding dress is too fluttering, then many brides wedding party held summer will choose for themselves a short wedding dress or evening gown. It is also a convenient option, so that the bride is comfortable on a hot day and easily moves during the party. And more specifically, if you organize.

Crear Weddings Romantic Scottish Wedding Venue

There are many ways for you to choose the main decorative tones for summer wedding. Brides who want to impress and like to stand out can choose hot colors like red, yellow or orange … And gentle brides will love light or gentle colors like pink, blue, white.

Food menu
In addition to the main dishes and traditional dishes at the wedding party, the bride and groom can prepare their own desserts, hot day drinks such as fruit cocktails, his face, grapes … cool water, impressive colors will definitely be a unique gift for the guests.

Wedding decoration accessories
Want to make the party more lively, the couples can make their own or order summer-related accessories such as menu paper fans, wedding programs or some umbrellas. Small guest sunshade in the wedding. It can also become an impressive gift after the wedding party.