Amazing Social Media Ideas For Your Wedding Day (part 1)

The relevance of social media rises by the day in the wedding industry, particularly for a modern wedding. Things have changed, and couples incorporate social media ideas for their wedding to reach more family and friends, sharing their nuptials. It’s so fun and also a very creative way to save wedding memories for a long time.

If you are preparing for your wedding, you might enjoy adopting some social media app ideas for your event. See some creative wedding ideas for social media in this article.

1. Build a social media wall for your wedding

Things like cute photos and videos, wedding ceremony ideas, and much more will be well-shared by using your wedding hashtag. Before your important day, use a social media aggregator tool in order to get all these feed shares. Set up a social media wall and then run up all feed on digital signage.

This is an attractive and classic idea that will sit well with your guests as seeing their posts displayed on your wedding’s social media wall will make them feel important. You have just made them part of something memorable.

2. Develop a personalized Snapchat filter

Is there a particular way that you want your wedding to look? Or are you planning to take creative wedding photos for specific geography? If yes, pay a little sum on Snapchat and get a custom made a filter to add sauce to the event. You should do this in advance before the wedding day to ensure that Snapchat will review and approve it right on time.

3. Create a social media photo booth

You can bring social media down to your wedding by creating a photo booth. Create props for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Include your names, hashtag, and icons. Your guests will have fun taking snapshots in these props.

4. Build a wedding blog

A wedding blog might be the biggest platform to document your big day. It takes on everything from getting guests to interact and telling your love story to share live videos and photos. The blog remains long after the wedding and can become an archive for many later years. Include the site URL on your wedding invitation and save dates and guests will log on to get with the fun.