Skin Care Tips Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day otherwise known as your big day is one day you don’t want to mess with in any way as everyone expects you to be sparkling in all aspects. More than your outward appearance; your skin has to be as clean, beautiful, and sparkling as possible. Everything has to be right to make sure you’re all set to take charge of your life. It’s nothing hard really; you just need to take note of important details and be the woman you’re meant to be. Here are some few skincare tips you must not overlook before your wedding day.

Don’t Start Too Late

Too many would-be brides make a terrible mistake of starting their skin care regimen just a little too late. Your skin is going to have plenty of dead cells which you’ll need to get rid of before the wedding day to make your skin glow as you want it. Find some good exfoliators and get your skin shining bright and fresher with a good SPF to prevent exposed skin from getting damaged.

Stay Away From Experiments

Sometimes, it’s good to experiment with new products that will help you discover new ways to transform your skin. For the sake of the coming big day, please don’t try anything new for now. If you do, any kind of reaction might take weeks to eliminate, and that wouldn’t do well with you on your big day.

Face, Shoulder, And Limbs

Yes, you need to take care of your entire body. However, you must pay close attention to your face, shoulder, and limbs since that part of your body is what will be visible the most. You can try microdermabrasion for your face to help get rid of dead skin cells, improve blood circulation, unclog and reduce the size of pores; and get rid of wrinkles, acne, scars, and stretch marks.

Eliminate Toxins

The food we eat and some of the products we use tend to introduce toxins into our body. Removing toxins from your body will help improve the health of your skin and make it look brighter and smoother. To do this, try drinking green tea every day, at least two weeks before your wedding day. Green tea has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can remove several skin issues including acne.

Moisturisers Are Always Welcomed

Exercising before your wedding day will not only help you lose weight, but will energize you, make your skin look better, and help you deal with stress and depression. But you have to watch out for stretch marks caused by weight fluctuations. Using moisturizers all over your body will help nourish your body with Vitamin E and ensure that you maintain an attractive and healthy skin.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. To ensure you remain in good shape make sure you take good care of your skin by applying moisturizers, eliminate toxins, and consider microdermabrasion.

8 Tips for Wedding Day

We all want out special day to go without any problem or any kind of hitch. It’s a special day for everyone, and that’s why the importance of this day is really high on our calendar. It’s tough to be normal in this stressful time.

But let me help you and share some tips and tricks which would surely help you on your wedding day

Plan bit early

Say you have decided to get married during mid-2020. So why not start planning early? Trust me the earlier your planning start, the less stressful you would have to be. Insurance, guest list, these are something which can be taken care of a long time back before your wedding and would surely help you to have a stress free time.


The biggest obstacle we face during weeding is about the budget. The most common mistakes we do is, we don’t add up the little extra spending in the budget. Like, say, beauty expenses, gifts and so on. So unless you take all these things into account, there may be stressful time later on. So ensure you have a book ready where you are putting all the numbers it needs to ensure the budget is not altered.


Its impossible to land a wedding by yourself. So you must choose some of your F&F to ensure they can assist you with big decisions and with everything. You cant really run to every place, as that would make it impossible to have the wedding perfectly as you wish to.

Guest list

We all feel like we have to invite everyone we know. But on the other hand, we also do forget about the fact, it would simply raise your budget. As we have to pay the cater on per head basis. So sometimes you need to be really selective with your guest list. Just invite whom you think is really important. Trust me you can live your life with this, but if the budget goes over, then it would be something which may bring the whole weeding to a chaotic environment, which won’t be pretty. That would be something which you would dream of.

Avoid venues which are far

You need to select venues for your wedding which is close to your place. Don’t select some place which is in a distant place from your home as it would simply ruin your chances of reaching the place in time. Like, say you have selected some venue which is about 100 km away then it would be really tough for another guest to reach the place in time. And not only that very few even may attend. As it’s not pretty or comfortable for anyone o drive that much distance just to attend for a wedding.

So, remember that.

Plan B

There must be a plan B for your wedding. It does not matter how much you think positive something can go wrong anytime. The forecast may say there won’t be an issue with weather, but it may rain. There can be a problem with your cater. So always keep some backup plan to ensure everything is perfect. Otherwise, it would ruin the day of your dream. Many people forget to do this, but this is an essential part to ensure nothing goes wrong.


This is another tricky part. You don’t want to choose someone whom you barely see or barely talk. When you see in your wedding album, it won’t be pretty if you see you chose someone whom you are not in touch with. So only choose someone whom you are comfortable with, and very close. It can be your sister, some cousin or even your best friend.


This is really important. We make lots of mistakes while selecting or photographer. But you need to remember one fact, unless you chose the proper photographer, you won’t have a proper picture to cherish for. It will be wiser if you choose the same person for your engagement party to ensure you know what you are getting into.

But at the end of the day, these are all tips. Just try to relax yourself and try to be yourself. I am sure it would assist you greatly and you would have one wonderful wedding.

Good luck.