Organizing a wedding party during the epidemic season should note the following

Due to the wide spread of Corona (COVID – 19), people are also sensitive to going to crowded places. Especially the couples are going to love their wedding day.

The wedding planner you have booked earlier is difficult to completely cancel. Understanding your worries, we would like to share with you some important notes when holding a wedding party this season.

Limit the number of participants

To avoid crowding out under the direction of the government, you should limit inviting too many people. The closest people should be selected to attend their wedding party, in order to reduce the risk of disease.

Prioritizing inviting guests with close relationships will help people easily integrate into the party. At the same time, the preparation and service in the dining process also becomes more attentive. With a small number of guests, the atmosphere was not too noisy but still exuded the meaning of your couple’s day.

Choose to hire an outdoor wedding organization

If you hold a wedding party in a house using air conditioning, the air in the room will easily increase the risk of spread if someone experiences symptoms of COVID – 19. Therefore, the most feasible option at this time is organizing an outdoor wedding.

With a wedding party held outdoors, the airy air will largely reduce the risk of disease. Moreover, the trend of organizing an outdoor wedding in the summer will be very cool and pleasant when you choose a wedding service in the evening.

Prioritize to choose nutritious dishes and drinks

Instead of using beer, you can replace with juice such as oranges, lemons, … to entertain your guests. Choosing a drink high in vitamins is also helping people to increase their resistance, be healthier this season.

Besides, you can choose to add delicious and nutritious dishes to the wedding menu. With a small number of guests, by investing in high quality and nutritious food and drink, the bride and groom will surely score in the hearts of the guests.

Prepare some disease prevention supplies

To prevent this epidemic, you should ask the party center to prepare hand sanitizer, antiseptic solution and equipment for temperature measuring for the guests attending the wedding. These are ways that you can both protect everyone’s health and help your wedding go on in the best and most fulfilling way this season.

Filming the wedding day and other information you need to know

Are you preparing for a wedding and do not know whether to film the wedding day or not? Before making a decision whether or not, stay tuned for this article.

In addition to wedding photography, filming on the wedding day is chosen by many modern couples. Filming is a way for you to capture the sweet moments of your big day. However, many couples think this is redundant and unnecessary. Should we film the wedding day or not?

Wedding reportage is known as a short clip, with a long team and moderate capacity for sharp images, carefully adjusted to every detail. You can use this short report to post on social networks, share with friends and relatives about your happy day.

The wedding reportage will record the whole wedding process from the time of preparing outfits, decorating the wedding day to the reception of the bride, the wedding ceremony and the sweet moments of the two of you when exchanging a kiss, etc.

Unlike traditional filming, wedding reportage can be flexibly transformed according to the preferences and requirements of the bride and groom. All of these will bring impressive and unforgettable moments in your wedding photo album and wedding reportage. Then why should you wonder “should the wedding be filmed?”.

With economic conditions that do not allow, while preparing the wedding also costs a lot of money, many issues and opinions surrounding whether to film should not make couples wonder.

Someone said that filming a wedding reportage is essential if the two of you have economic conditions. Often wedding photography only records simple images, it is difficult to follow the details of your wedding. But if you shoot the wedding report, when you watch it again you can see your wedding overview, you can see your happy day expressions.

On the other hand, for many modern young people, it is not difficult to spend money on wedding reporting just wanting to record your youthful moments, your big day.

For those who do not share the same opinion, they think that filming wedding reportage is not necessary. Because even if we filmed, we didn’t have much time to watch it in the future. Often people only consider it a few times to leave. Not to mention the filming also costs quite a large amount of money.

Thus, whether or not to film the wedding day depends a lot on the bride and groom’s financial conditions and preferences. If you feel that you have the ability to pay, wish to capture beautiful moments at the wedding, do not hesitate to invest in this. Because the short reportage clip can be a meaningful material for your children and grandchildren to watch later, recall your memorable day.

If the two of you do not feel bad financially, do not like this, you do not need to film. Because if love is big enough, you will also feel happy and fulfilled with your wedding photo.

Tell You When To Prepare For The Best Wedding

How long does it take to prepare for the wedding? How long should it take to prepare the wedding to have the most complete, beautiful, impressive and happy wedding?

Weddings are a great holiday of everyone’s life, so preparation is very important. We must ensure important procedures and work for the wedding but still have to create unforgettable memories for ourselves.

How long is the wedding preparation time appropriate?

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In fact, not everyone has the same time to prepare for a wedding, some will prepare for the whole year, some only prepare for a few months. This depends on the time held by our parents, grandparents to watch for a good day. Currently, there are many wedding packages available, which saves time in preparing for the wedding in several stages.

However, although there are many wedding services, you should still have specific plans with certain timelines. This will make it easier for you to prepare, avoid the case that you will not have a lot of work done until the wedding day, it is difficult for everything to go as you like.

Suggestions to prepare a wedding before 6 months

Below, we will give you suggestions on what to do before your wedding. Preparing for the wedding is 6 months – this time is quite suitable for you to be able to plan and execute important tasks.

Things you need to do during this preparation time include:

– See wedding date: Marriage is a matter of life. Therefore, choosing a good wedding date should never be ignored before formal ceremonies are carried out.

– Make a wedding budget: Without making a clear budget for the wedding, it will become a burden for the couple after the wedding day. Therefore, you should have a detailed statement of each item: total budget, total expenditure and total revenue.

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– Order wedding invitations: Invitation cards are usually sent 1 week before the wedding day. So calculate the number of guests, then come up with an idea for the wedding invitation and arrange a print date for the scheduled time.

– Place the ceremony and party place: Do not book the party too close to the date, it will be easy to encounter price pressure, inadequate service. Not to mention, during the wedding season, the holiday season, the restaurant will often have no space. So, to be able to place the wedding party as you like, you should set up to book early.

– Find wedding dress patterns: Check out the trending or trendy wedding dress patterns and match the time that you get married. You can find to rent or order, depending on your finances.

– Choose the location to take pictures: Although you can take a wedding photo 1-2 months in advance, you should seek information about the wedding photo location first so that you can choose the location, beautiful and suitable photography style. unify.

– Select wedding car services: Find a professional wedding car rental service provider so you can rent a car to eat for relatives, wedding car. During the peak season, it is very difficult to rent a car, so plan ahead for it.

Preparing time for the wedding is very important, so you need to develop a clear schedule and timeline to ensure the work is done fully, well and happiest. Wish you all have a great day with lots of joy and memories.

The Simple Wedding Planning Checklist (part 2)


Step 5. Have The Parties Before the Wedding Party 

Before you’re in the final stretch of wedding planning, get ready for any escape, especially with your friends. Now it is the time to plan a bachelor party! Take time to celebrate you and your hard work with your support group, even by just a relaxing night with your friends and BBQ.

Step 6. Make Final Tweaks

The final portion of planning for wedding is the time that you have to buckle down and get through the minutiae. Now that you finalize any rental orders and catering updates, have your guest count confirmed. Move to the step of final dress fitting and make sure it’s what you had exactly envisioned. Put all your thank-you gifts and those favors together. Send your photographer a detailed shot list so that he knows exactly what to anticipate.

One important tip: In case you’re overwhelmed, this period is the perfect time to call upon your family members, friends, and wedding planner to help you manage all the remaining items on your wedding checklist. Set final expectations with the wedding party team, go through those arrangements, meet your officiant, and make sure any premarital counseling to be completed. In addition, finesse any legal details such as your marriage license, name change documents, etc… It might feel like a lot, but you’ll cherish this period of time once it’s over.

Step 7. Rehearse, Eat, and Be Married

Finally you made it! The days next to your wedding day should be as stress-free as possible, so if you realize that you forgot anything at this point, let it go (especially if it’s small). Because you tackled the biggest decisions first, your wedding will be yours. If there is anything that goes wrong during the wedding festivities, designate a point person in advance, for example, a planner, a maid of honor, or your best friend to suppress the stress.


How to Plan a Wedding in a Short Period of Time (part 1)

How to plan your wedding in three months? The key is to cut out all the panic-inducing extras and just focus on the main planning tasks at hand. It will be simpler than you think. Here’s the simple wedding checklist for planning your wedding in a short period of time.

  1. Concentrate on the three big essentials: wedding budget, wedding style, and guest list.

How does your dream reception look like? Do you want a small and cozy dinner at your favorite restaurant or a dressy cocktail party? Take this Style Quiz to find out what you like most. Meanwhile, figure out the budget you have to spend. A big-budget influencer is the guest list because it costs more to invite more. Therefore, remember to keep that in mind. Because you’re planning your wedding within a short time frame, and your potential guests may have made plans for this time, you may end up with a smaller number than your average guest list.

  1. Find and book a reception site.

The popular venues like country clubs, hotels, and ballrooms may have already be booked for Saturday night, but call them to book for a Friday or Sunday afternoon or evening. Moreover, think outside the typical wedding venue, for example, consider nearby restaurants with large rooms or event spaces which can be sectioned off.

  1. Create a wedding website and set up a registry.

You can create a wedding website on for free and having one is the best way to quickly get information out to your guests. When you have set up your registries, link them so that your guests can easily find out where you’re registered.

  1. Send out wedding invitations.

Although you can email your guests, a paper invitation is the best route for a wedding invitation. You can check out your local stationery stores for preprinted invites, or look online pages like Shutterfly and Minted with a ton of designs.




Best Wedding Planning Sites and Apps for 2018

To plan a wedding is not an easy task and if you decide against hiring a professional wedding planner, you’ll instantly notice that there are endless details that you’ll need to manage yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult as there are plenty of apps and sites to help you out. Below, you will find the best wedding planning sites and apps to ensure the planning process is not as stressful as you initially thought it would be.

Appy Couple

With both a website and downloadable app, Appy Couple can make wedding planning an absolute breeze. You’ll be able to keep track of timelines, manage your budget, find décor inspirations, and consult a destination and travel guideline to assist you in making hotel reservations for guests that are joining you from out-of-town. It also comes equipped with advice on gifts, tips for etiquette, and weekly checklists for a small fee of $39 for a basic package.


Wedding Happy is ideal for both grooms and brides that are looking to manage every single detail of their special day thanks to a convenient dashboard that can track all the necessary progress. It comes equipped with a countdown timer, informs you what tasks need to be completed, sends notifications when certain tasks are due, and when specific payments need to be made. You can also assign tasks to friends or bridesmaids and share your progress on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our Wedding Planner

With the innovative Our Wedding Planner app, you can easily create and manage your allocated budget, organise vendor information, keep track of your to-do lists, and comes with a countdown timer leading up to your special day. It also allows you to import your own guest list from your phone’s contacts and assists you in monitoring RSVP’s and invitations. With a pre-populated task list, there no need to stress about forgetting something truly important.

Wedding Planner LadyMarry

For those that are planning the wedding themselves no longer need to fear thanks to the innovative Wedding Planner LadyMarry which can make this complicated task as easy as humanly possible. The app will allow you to track your budget, follow a detailed timeline for when things need to be completed, gives you the ability to manage RSVP’s and your guest list, and allows you to find local vendors thanks to Thumbtack. You can also locate caterers, stylists, officiants, florists, and photographers through the app.

iWedding Deluxe

This app is only available on iOS devices and will cost a mere $6.99. However, iWedding Deluxe is jam-packed with helpful features to assist you when it comes to planning a wedding. Apart from helping you keep track of a budget, timelines, to-do lists, vendors, and seating plans, it also comes equipped with inspirational ideas for locating the best bridal gown. It will also allow you to add your own photos, track and manage gifts, provides first dance suggestions through iTunes, and will allow you to export information via email.

Skin Care Tips Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day otherwise known as your big day is one day you don’t want to mess with in any way as everyone expects you to be sparkling in all aspects. More than your outward appearance; your skin has to be as clean, beautiful, and sparkling as possible. Everything has to be right to make sure you’re all set to take charge of your life. It’s nothing hard really; you just need to take note of important details and be the woman you’re meant to be. Here are some few skincare tips you must not overlook before your wedding day.

Don’t Start Too Late

Too many would-be brides make a terrible mistake of starting their skin care regimen just a little too late. Your skin is going to have plenty of dead cells which you’ll need to get rid of before the wedding day to make your skin glow as you want it. Find some good exfoliators and get your skin shining bright and fresher with a good SPF to prevent exposed skin from getting damaged.

Stay Away From Experiments

Sometimes, it’s good to experiment with new products that will help you discover new ways to transform your skin. For the sake of the coming big day, please don’t try anything new for now. If you do, any kind of reaction might take weeks to eliminate, and that wouldn’t do well with you on your big day.

Face, Shoulder, And Limbs

Yes, you need to take care of your entire body. However, you must pay close attention to your face, shoulder, and limbs since that part of your body is what will be visible the most. You can try microdermabrasion for your face to help get rid of dead skin cells, improve blood circulation, unclog and reduce the size of pores; and get rid of wrinkles, acne, scars, and stretch marks.

Eliminate Toxins

The food we eat and some of the products we use tend to introduce toxins into our body. Removing toxins from your body will help improve the health of your skin and make it look brighter and smoother. To do this, try drinking green tea every day, at least two weeks before your wedding day. Green tea has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can remove several skin issues including acne.

Moisturisers Are Always Welcomed

Exercising before your wedding day will not only help you lose weight, but will energize you, make your skin look better, and help you deal with stress and depression. But you have to watch out for stretch marks caused by weight fluctuations. Using moisturizers all over your body will help nourish your body with Vitamin E and ensure that you maintain an attractive and healthy skin.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. To ensure you remain in good shape make sure you take good care of your skin by applying moisturizers, eliminate toxins, and consider microdermabrasion.