Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 5)

16. Ladder Golf

To play game Ladder Golf, teams toss two balls connected by a string with the goal of hooking their opponents’ ladder rungs.

How to play: Set up simiarly to corn hole, two teams of one to two people toss their ball-and-string combo onto one of three rungs. The “ladder” includes three levels, each of which is worth more points than the others. This is an easy DIY with some piping, paint, golf balls and twine.

17. Stand Up, Sit Down

Break the ice with this group questionnaire game. Guests stand up when they agree with the funny question or statement.

How to play: A great way to get stories flowing! To play, one of the hosts, a member of the wedding party, or the MC announces a series of hilarious questions, prompting the audience to sit down or stand up for “yes” or “no.” Each table ends the game knowing new, interesting facts about their dinner companions and the newlyweds themselves.

18. DJ Name That Tune

When the DJ plays two seconds of the upcoming song, name the tune first for a prize or a special place on the dance floor!

How to play: A great way to get your DJ in on the fun is to incorporate a game of Name That Tune into the dancing portion of the evening. As the DJ plays a short portion of the song, the crowd has to guess the song. You should vary the songs throughout generations, and include the kids in to have more fun.

 19. Guest Guess Who

Change up the classic game Guest Guess Who by adding pictures of your wedding’s guests for personalized fun. This makes for a great wedding party game for guests who have known the bride and groom during different life stages.

How to play: By either constructing your own board or utilizing the original childhood game, paste wallet-size portraits of your guests on the game’s flippable doors. Two players pair up against one another and each secretly choose one of the players in their mind. Players take turns asking questions about physical and personal traits to narrow down their opponent’s secret selection.

Amazing Reception Ideas For A Memorable Wedding Night

Another wedding season is coming, and during this special time of the year, we seem to be traveling from one wedding to next like that our loved ones all tie the knot. If you are planning your own wedding in the coming time, it is time to take notes and pick up different tips and tricks from the following list of the most amazing wedding reception ideas.

1. Try long tables

People often use smaller and more intimate tables throughout the reception for their wedding, why not try another route by putting in long tables. If your wedding venue allows for longer tables, it may be a more suitable route to take. Mixing and mingling larger tables will cultivate interactive wedding guests.

2. Set up a dessert bar

The cake at a wedding is not only a popular tradition but also one that can satisfy sweet teeth everywhere. But there may be guests who want to indulge their sugar addiction a little more. So   I recommend you set up the dessert bar. There’s no shortage of delicious sweet treats from cookies, brownies, and macaroons to offer your guests.

3. Have a photo booth

One of the most popular wedding trends in the present is the iconic wedding photo booth. Whether you rent equipment or hire a specific photographer, there are different ways to carry out a photo booth for your wedding.

We also recommend you use both digital and physical copies of the photos for your guests. They may lose their physical copies as the wedding night carries on but still love the images to remember the night.

4. Welcome guests to take off their shoes

Dancing for hours in heels can be painful for your guests, so make them more comfortable by providing sandals or slip-on to change into when they remove their heels.

5. Serve custom cocktails

Creating custom drinks crafted or inspired yourselves can spark and portray your own personality so much. It let your guests know your spirit of choice and also help you lean sweet or sour, or even savory.

Five Wedding Ideas for Athletes and Sports Fans

If you are the kind of people who are all about sports, you surely want to let that shine at your wedding.  Here I want to share five creative ways to have a sporty wedding with you as well as other sports-loving couples to start the brainstorming. 

Wedding Day Workout

For running athletes or fans, a day isn’t complete without a run, so naturally they want to take a shake out run the morning of their weddings. Besides runners, there are also the ladies heading to the yoga studio, guys hitting the basketball court or the golf course before the start of the day. So, consider a little sporty fun before getting ready for your wedding if you want.

Portrait Props

For those who love all things related to sports, including baseball, football, or tennis, to illustrate their love of the game, they might choose to bring out some sports-focused props during the portrait portion of their wedding day. This allows them to show their personalities as well as the sports that they like.

Place Cards

There are a lot of details in the reception that can be designed to show off your personalities. You can use place cards that feature your favorite athletes, from football stars to baseball players or anything else. Your guests will get a little sporty-ness along with their names and table assignment.

Place Card Holders

When selecting the place card holders for athletes or sports fans, there are some kinds of place card holders that celebrate the soccer, football, baseball, or basketball stars. These will be fun giveaways for their guests to bring home.

Table Numbers

Tables can be numbered or named after all sorts of things! Sporty couples can name and number their tables after their favorite sports players. Make sure that the table numbers are sequential so that guests can find their tables easily.

25 spring wedding ideas (part 1)


Spring is the starting season of a year and it’s also the most romantic and beautiful season with warm weather settling in after a cold winter and trees and flowers in bloom. This is the reason why many people think that spring is the perfect season to get married in.

When thinking of a spring wedding, I consider tons of flowers – flowers on your dress, in your hair, on your tables, in the aisle, and definitely on your wedding cake. Especially if you’re dreaming of a garden wedding party, spring is the most suitable time to do it! Let your girly side run free, go for feminine and bold colors and let nature play an important part of your day. Flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies, …they are all fun elements that can inspire your spring wedding theme.

Now on to the 25 favorite spring wedding ideas!

  1. If roses and teacups don’t scream spring garden wedding party, I don’t know what does! Search various online thrift stores such as Bride Bethany to start your teacup collection.
  2. It is seasonal, convenient for guests, and amazing to serve lemon meringue pie in a mason jar.
  3. Use bright flowers to add a major burst of color for your wedding party.
  4. Greet guests arriving at your wedding ceremony with a fresh spring drink like lavender lemonade and a flower accessory.
  5. Let the spring play a part on your wedding invitations.
  6. Spring is the perfect season to celebrate your wedding outside because it’s warm enough and not blazing hot yet. Line up and cover hay bales with shabby chic blankets or fun quilts for clever and inexpensive outdoor seating.
  7. Eggs are so fun and versatile that they should be incorporated into spring weddings.
  8. Look up for a lighter color and fabric for your fiance’s suit. Pinks, greens and blues are perfect colors for a spring wedding!


2018 Wedding Trends – You & Your Guests Will Love

Long before you get to the vows, first kiss and the very first dance as newlyweds, there is a whole lot of planning and brainstorming that needs to take place. It all starts by discussing the reception, the number of people you would like to invite, the venue, theme, and then it comes to the catering, music, and everything else.

Most couples save enough funds to arrange the entire wedding via a wedding planner, and although it is the easiest way to ensure everything are perfect, the costs could be a little high. It is also the reason why most couples plan well in advance and then share the responsibilities part of the wedding with parents and other family members. One of the most important decisions are the theme, and with the new trend of wedding receptions, you have plenty to choose from in 2018.

Wedding Cakes Are Huge and Back

While for a short time-period wedding cake did not feature at wedding celebrations, this year they are back and makes more than an impression than ever before. It is quite the latest trend to have two or three cakes displayed at the wedding, and these include decorations that are more natural. The new selection of wedding cakes includes those decorated with fresh fruits such as figs, apples, and pears, while fresh flowers are also a great way to bring back nature into receptions.

Natural Plays a Major Role in Wedding Receptions

While glam and bling were top options selected for the big day, this year it is all about nature, fresh flowers, huge flower bouquets and fruits. Most couples prefer an outdoor location for their reception, while most venues now offer an outside area for the day and then an indoor space for later on. The latest requirement is a location that caters for both indoor and outdoor, allowing guests to enjoy the great outdoors and dancing till late.

The Biggest Trend – Outdoor Venues

Instead of dark buildings, most couples wish to have an outdoor location, one that can be a safe haven during rain covered via a tent or other form of shelter. Venues offering large windows are another great way to enjoy an outside type of venue and especially during winter it could provide couples with the benefit of a bright outdoor-kind of venue.

Difference Between Day & Evening Sound

While the greatest trend includes nature and being outside, several couples prefer to enjoy live music during the day and then change over to DJ’s for indoors dancing. With live music, the outdoor atmosphere ensures great day-time enjoyment, while dancing takes place via a list of popular tracks. Most important is to choose the perfect first dance song and ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a great atmosphere.

Songs Most Used for First Dance at Weddings

The bride and groom have plenty of planning to do before the big day. These include deciding on the date, then the venue, invitations and seating plan. The theme of the reception is important as it is a vital part of ensuring the day are super special for the newlyweds and their guests. Then there is also the church, flowers, best man and all the rest to consider before they can actually get down to the finer details.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception requires quite a bit of planning, especially if the couple decides to do it without the services of a wedding coordinator. There are the seating plan, food, drinks and the music to plan. This hardly leaves time to plan the honeymoon, yet it remains one of the most exciting and stressful times, all part of why the big day remains one that is special.

One of the most important parts of the whole planning list is the music since it multifunction’s as entertainment and keeping quest dancing the night away. The options are endless although most receptions now make use of professional DJ’s, which allows the couple to choose some of their favourite tracks, and often the DJ also plays specially requested tracks by the attendees.

The One & Only First Dance

One of the most important events during the reception is the first dance, this is the first time the bride and groom dances as Mr & Mrs, and it is a dance you can never repeat. Many couples go for lessons to make sure it is a dance they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. When it comes to selecting the first dance track, it is not only the rhythm that counts but also the words.
The top first dance wedding song used in 2018 around the world includes:

• Perfect – Ed Sheeran
• Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
• At Last – Etta James
• All of Me – John Legend
• Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley
• A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
• You Are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne
• I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
• How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding
• Perfect Duet – Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran

Songs part of the wedding playlist that features most in 2018, according to wedding DJ’s around the globe include the following tracks:

• You Make My Dreams – John Oates & Daryl Hall
• Marry Me – Train
• My Girl – The Temptations
• A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
• Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson
• All of Me – John Legend
• Perfect – Ed Shereen
• Marry You – Bruno Mars
• Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

The playlist requires a great blend of upbeat and slow tunes, sentimental tracks as well as popular tracks and then it is nice to add some wedding-related tracks. The all-time favourites part of most wedding playlists include these classical masterpieces:

Stand By You, Love Me Like You Do, Sam Smith’s Stay With Me, Best Day of My Life and the ever popular Hallelujah. Knowing which are the most popular wedding songs could ensure that your playlist feature both your own favourites as well as the most loved tracks of those attending your special day.

8 Tips for Wedding Day

We all want out special day to go without any problem or any kind of hitch. It’s a special day for everyone, and that’s why the importance of this day is really high on our calendar. It’s tough to be normal in this stressful time.

But let me help you and share some tips and tricks which would surely help you on your wedding day

Plan bit early

Say you have decided to get married during mid-2020. So why not start planning early? Trust me the earlier your planning start, the less stressful you would have to be. Insurance, guest list, these are something which can be taken care of a long time back before your wedding and would surely help you to have a stress free time.


The biggest obstacle we face during weeding is about the budget. The most common mistakes we do is, we don’t add up the little extra spending in the budget. Like, say, beauty expenses, gifts and so on. So unless you take all these things into account, there may be stressful time later on. So ensure you have a book ready where you are putting all the numbers it needs to ensure the budget is not altered.


Its impossible to land a wedding by yourself. So you must choose some of your F&F to ensure they can assist you with big decisions and with everything. You cant really run to every place, as that would make it impossible to have the wedding perfectly as you wish to.

Guest list

We all feel like we have to invite everyone we know. But on the other hand, we also do forget about the fact, it would simply raise your budget. As we have to pay the cater on per head basis. So sometimes you need to be really selective with your guest list. Just invite whom you think is really important. Trust me you can live your life with this, but if the budget goes over, then it would be something which may bring the whole weeding to a chaotic environment, which won’t be pretty. That would be something which you would dream of.

Avoid venues which are far

You need to select venues for your wedding which is close to your place. Don’t select some place which is in a distant place from your home as it would simply ruin your chances of reaching the place in time. Like, say you have selected some venue which is about 100 km away then it would be really tough for another guest to reach the place in time. And not only that very few even may attend. As it’s not pretty or comfortable for anyone o drive that much distance just to attend for a wedding.

So, remember that.

Plan B

There must be a plan B for your wedding. It does not matter how much you think positive something can go wrong anytime. The forecast may say there won’t be an issue with weather, but it may rain. There can be a problem with your cater. So always keep some backup plan to ensure everything is perfect. Otherwise, it would ruin the day of your dream. Many people forget to do this, but this is an essential part to ensure nothing goes wrong.


This is another tricky part. You don’t want to choose someone whom you barely see or barely talk. When you see in your wedding album, it won’t be pretty if you see you chose someone whom you are not in touch with. So only choose someone whom you are comfortable with, and very close. It can be your sister, some cousin or even your best friend.


This is really important. We make lots of mistakes while selecting or photographer. But you need to remember one fact, unless you chose the proper photographer, you won’t have a proper picture to cherish for. It will be wiser if you choose the same person for your engagement party to ensure you know what you are getting into.

But at the end of the day, these are all tips. Just try to relax yourself and try to be yourself. I am sure it would assist you greatly and you would have one wonderful wedding.

Good luck.

What You Need To Consider When Budgeting for Flowers

When planning a wedding, the flowers are always high on a brides list of things to do. For some brides, having the right flowers is a critical part of their wedding theme and if not perfect, will see the bride in tears or let down.

However, as with all things in life, a budget must be set aside for flowers on your special day, and that means you need to do invest time in researching and doing homework so as to meet your budgetary requirements while at the same time satisfying your dreams for the perfect wedding.

Budgeting for Flowers

When it comes to weddings, one question for many is what it will cost for the flowers or will wonder if they should include a floral centrepiece on each table? All of this brings us to the age old question – how much should we expect to spend on flowers?

There is no easy answer to this as each wedding is different and each bride has different expectations. When it comes to flowers, the sky is the limit and it can be inexpensive or can run into the thousands. The general rule of thumb most wedding planners take when advising clients is 10% of their wedding budget should be dedicated to flowers.

Ultimately it comes down to what you want at your wedding. When you consider bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages, the boutonnieres, and flowers for the ceremony and reception, things can add up. A nice gesture for those with larger budgets is to have one guest collect the flowers from the church and donate to a local hospital. This will at least see the flowers carry on and provide value for others after your special day.

The total cost will depend on the type of flowers you choose for your wedding. So factoring that into the budget will help you keep costs down. Flowers such as roses, peonies and blooms can cost more than others, so selecting flowers that are less expensive but just as attractive is a good way to go.

Running the Numbers

If you look at the average cost per wedding in America, it works out to $23,885, and that covers an average of 150 guests. Based on the recommended 10% rule, that would mean your budget for flowers should be $2,388.

After determining your budget, you are best suited to book an appointment with your local florist to discuss options and request they design a proposal for you. As this is a fair chunk of your budget, get multiple quotes and ask for examples of past weddings, and inquire if they have a list of past clients willing to give a reference.

Make sure you are clear with the florist on your budget for flowers. If they propose a plan that is more expensive, move on as they are not listening to your budget needs, so they may not be best suited for your floral needs either. Also, remember that some florists have a minimum wedding charge so enquiring this ahead of booking an appointment will save you time and stress.

Wedding Venues and Cost Savings

Weddings can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. In fact, there are many people out there who expect such ceremonies to cost so much money. They do not have to, though. There are numerous ways you can keep a wedding under budget. You could go one further and have a very cheap wedding, but one which is still stylish and feels like a special day. Here are a few handy hints to help get yourself started if you aren’t made of money.

Venues and Ceremonies Can Be Cut Back but Elegant

Venues and ceremonies are where you should be outlaying most of your budget. Everything else can be cut down on if you really want to. However, venues, ceremonies and receptions are going to cost something, and there are no two ways about that.

Firstly, you can scrap the idea of a big church wedding. That would cost thousands. Instead, it is advantageous to look for a small hotel, a pub, or a village hall. These places often cost significantly less, and their plain halls can often give you a blank canvass to decorate them as you see fit for your dream day.

Ceremony fees don’t have to cost a packet, either. The marriage license and ceremony itself can be costly, but the reception doesn’t have to be. Booking a venue is usually made cheaper if you guarantee a certain number of guests. Putting on a simple buffet and having a bar where guests pay for their own drinks can really bring down the cost of a wedding. Most venues will be happy to cater to your needs since they are guaranteed salespeople love a drink at weddings.

Cutting Down on The Bride’s Costs

Most women have the dream wedding dress picked out. At the end of the day, though, this just isn’t feasible for everyone. However, you can certainly get a gorgeous wedding dress for far less. Being open to highstreets dresses, or even rented dresses can really help you save the dollars. The same is true of jewellery and shoes – cheap imitations can be pulled off.

Tradition can kill some people’s dreams of great weddings. After all, you really don’ want to pay for all of your bridesmaids to be dressed the same. Just ask bridesmaids to wear similar tones and colours (most will be happy to oblige), and a groom can simply wear a tux he already has.

Budget cuts can also be found in terms of décor (flowers and plants make great additions to a hall wedding), cakes can easily be acquired at local bakeries (if you aren’t too fussy), Deejaying can be taken on by your “younger” brothers/sisters, nieces or nephews with an eye for a tune, and honeymoons can be postponed until later dates. Amateur photographers are also far more cost-effective than professional ones, and there are many out there with an eye for a good picture.

All in all, by cutting corners and applying a bit of DIY to your wedding day, you can have a superb, fun and exciting wedding for just a few thousand dollars, much less than what you might expect. Remember, some people actually prefer cheaper, simpler weddings – just because you can afford a $30,000 wedding, doesn’t mean you have to have one.

Getting Married in Other Countries

If you’ve got a generous budget for your upcoming wedding, getting married in other countries or in a far-off exotic local can be a real treat. Sure, it’ll be a bit of troulbe logistically for some of your guests to get to, but they can make it their annual holiday to boot. Certain places are hotter than others, so let’s have a quick peek at some ideas for weddings abroad for the romantic couple.

For the Romantic Couple

Many people get married in Hawaii. Whether it is the sandy beaches, the tropical drinks, or the surf, there are plenty of reasons why a hot wedding in a sunny place might appeal to the romantic couple. If sunset walks on the beach are your cup of tea, San Francisco is closer to home, or the Caribbean tops the list, no matter where in the Caribbean you end up.

Italy is famed for its romance, but if you want to add a splash of style to your wedding, why not go to Tuscany. Taking in the beauty of the Italian countryside is one thing but sipping delicate and fine wines as you toast to your future happiness sounds even more exciting.

If wines are your cup of tea (in a manner of speaking) and romance is essential, you could always tie-the-knot in Paris. The City of Love is famed as a favourite honeymoon destination, but why not go the whole hog and marry there instead? With umpteen cathedrals and churches to choose from, fairytale weddings are guaranteed in France.

For the Extreme Couple

We’re not all the lovey-dovey type. In fact, many people prefer a bit of wildness in their relationship, and they are equally as optimistic about a wild wedding, too. If you’re after a great party (and somewhat sidelined wedding) venues don’t really come any more fun than Las Vegas. Saving on the ceremony and splashing the cash on the slots, it just one way to go, though. Thailand is another great venue for couples who want to spend more time grooving and partying than kissing and cuddling.

Backpackers and animal lovers might want to incorporate those themes into their wedding. New Zealand is home to some of the most diverse geology in the world and is the ideal wedding spot for backpack couples. If you love your lions and your zany for zebras, an African safari could also be just what you’re looking for.

If none of those fit the bill, and you and your soon-to-be better half are real adventurers, then there’s something else which might float your boat. Provided you are planning a wedding which is a little bit in the future then you may wish to check out getting hitched at the bottom of the ocean, or in space. Sure, they aren’t very practical at this moment in time, but there’s no bigger (or expensive) way to cement your vows to one another than under kilometres of water or in zero gravity.