Getting Married in Other Countries

If you’ve got a generous budget for your upcoming wedding, getting married in other countries or in a far-off exotic local can be a real treat. Sure, it’ll be a bit of troulbe logistically for some of your guests to get to, but they can make it their annual holiday to boot. Certain places are hotter than others, so let’s have a quick peek at some ideas for weddings abroad for the romantic couple.

For the Romantic Couple

Many people get married in Hawaii. Whether it is the sandy beaches, the tropical drinks, or the surf, there are plenty of reasons why a hot wedding in a sunny place might appeal to the romantic couple. If sunset walks on the beach are your cup of tea, San Francisco is closer to home, or the Caribbean tops the list, no matter where in the Caribbean you end up.

Italy is famed for its romance, but if you want to add a splash of style to your wedding, why not go to Tuscany. Taking in the beauty of the Italian countryside is one thing but sipping delicate and fine wines as you toast to your future happiness sounds even more exciting.

If wines are your cup of tea (in a manner of speaking) and romance is essential, you could always tie-the-knot in Paris. The City of Love is famed as a favourite honeymoon destination, but why not go the whole hog and marry there instead? With umpteen cathedrals and churches to choose from, fairytale weddings are guaranteed in France.

For the Extreme Couple

We’re not all the lovey-dovey type. In fact, many people prefer a bit of wildness in their relationship, and they are equally as optimistic about a wild wedding, too. If you’re after a great party (and somewhat sidelined wedding) venues don’t really come any more fun than Las Vegas. Saving on the ceremony and splashing the cash on the slots, it just one way to go, though. Thailand is another great venue for couples who want to spend more time grooving and partying than kissing and cuddling.

Backpackers and animal lovers might want to incorporate those themes into their wedding. New Zealand is home to some of the most diverse geology in the world and is the ideal wedding spot for backpack couples. If you love your lions and your zany for zebras, an African safari could also be just what you’re looking for.

If none of those fit the bill, and you and your soon-to-be better half are real adventurers, then there’s something else which might float your boat. Provided you are planning a wedding which is a little bit in the future then you may wish to check out getting hitched at the bottom of the ocean, or in space. Sure, they aren’t very practical at this moment in time, but there’s no bigger (or expensive) way to cement your vows to one another than under kilometres of water or in zero gravity.