Organizing a wedding party during the epidemic season should note the following

Due to the wide spread of Corona (COVID – 19), people are also sensitive to going to crowded places. Especially the couples are going to love their wedding day.

The wedding planner you have booked earlier is difficult to completely cancel. Understanding your worries, we would like to share with you some important notes when holding a wedding party this season.

Limit the number of participants

To avoid crowding out under the direction of the government, you should limit inviting too many people. The closest people should be selected to attend their wedding party, in order to reduce the risk of disease.

Prioritizing inviting guests with close relationships will help people easily integrate into the party. At the same time, the preparation and service in the dining process also becomes more attentive. With a small number of guests, the atmosphere was not too noisy but still exuded the meaning of your couple’s day.

Choose to hire an outdoor wedding organization

If you hold a wedding party in a house using air conditioning, the air in the room will easily increase the risk of spread if someone experiences symptoms of COVID – 19. Therefore, the most feasible option at this time is organizing an outdoor wedding.

With a wedding party held outdoors, the airy air will largely reduce the risk of disease. Moreover, the trend of organizing an outdoor wedding in the summer will be very cool and pleasant when you choose a wedding service in the evening.

Prioritize to choose nutritious dishes and drinks

Instead of using beer, you can replace with juice such as oranges, lemons, … to entertain your guests. Choosing a drink high in vitamins is also helping people to increase their resistance, be healthier this season.

Besides, you can choose to add delicious and nutritious dishes to the wedding menu. With a small number of guests, by investing in high quality and nutritious food and drink, the bride and groom will surely score in the hearts of the guests.

Prepare some disease prevention supplies

To prevent this epidemic, you should ask the party center to prepare hand sanitizer, antiseptic solution and equipment for temperature measuring for the guests attending the wedding. These are ways that you can both protect everyone’s health and help your wedding go on in the best and most fulfilling way this season.