Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 1)

One of the best moments of your wedding day is witnessing so many friends and family gathered in one place. A wedding is not only a chance to celebrate your new marriage but also a prime opportunity to let loose with those you love. Fun wedding games of all kinds energize the evening, adding a childlike playfulness to the event and helping groups mingle and socialize.

Wedding reception games get guests of all ages out of their chairs and dancing, taking pictures or throwing that bocce ball. What’s more, many of these games are easy to DIY and require little to no materials at all. Consider this list of wedding game ideas when you need to plan the perfect love-filled wedding day.

1. Ring Toss

Break up into two teams and throw each ring onto your opponent’s hooks. Use old wine bottles for an amazing wedding twist!

How to play: Buy two sets of five wooden rings at any local craft store. Paint each set with two of your wedding colors to differentiate between the teams. Place six bottles in an old-fashioned milk crate or use simple dowels on a long two by four-foot beam. Lay out the board on the lawn during the cocktail time for ring toss fun.

2. Lego Creations

Put Legos at each table and challenge your guests to build creative centerpieces.

How to play: Guests will love building unique centerpieces out of Legos of all colors. For extra fun for all ages, assign a judge to choose a winner at the end of the night!

3. Giant Dominoes

Add some excitement to this age-old game with comically large, handmade dominoes for an outdoor cocktail gathering.

How to play: This game is easy to make with a piece of plywood and some paint! Set aside an area in your wedding space for this game. Include simple directions on a nearby chalkboard or card, and even bring kids into the game by pairing them up with an adult teammate.

Amazing Social Media Ideas For Your Wedding Day (part 2)

5. Host a wedding day scavenger hunt

Hosting a wedding scavenger hunt is a major way to infuse fun at a wedding. You know, the wedding program doesn’t have to contain just the wedding sermons and agenda of the day. One of the best wedding program ideas is to include tasks for the scavenger hunt in the program.

All these tasks must also be duly completed on social media, the best choice being Instagram or Snapchat. Before posting, include the wedding hashtag. This is the real wedding icebreaker.

6. Use Tik Tok videos

A Tik Tok video is another cool way for guests to heighten the fun. Log into your account, make a video, add the perfect songs and filters, and then publish. Guests can also follow each other, building new strings of relationships. It is similar to Snapchat but can take a longer length of videos. These videos are well saved for the longest time.

7. Live stream on Facebook 

Conduct your wedding in real-time using Facebook stories. This is especially for couples who eloped or cannot get all their desired guests to attend. The beautiful thing is that you can also make it a private affair. Create a closed page and add only people of your choice. Update pictures constantly even as you live stream, and they won’t miss a thing.

8. Use your Instagram stories

Instagram stories can capture very lengthy videos. You can live stream your wedding with family and friends using Instagram stories. Guests can also do the same. If anyone missed out on the live feed, they still have until the next 24 hours to view it. This is because it automatically saves.

9. Create a personalized wedding hashtag

Although common among modern couples, a wedding hashtag never goes out of style. The hashtag makes it easy for you to pool all feed, giving you a huge gallery of memories. One fact to note is that your wedding hashtag must be easy to remember.

So, it’s simpler to use a combination of your names and maybe add the wedding year. An example is Lisa and Alessandro + 2020 combined, it gives “Lisandro2020”. Once you’ve created a hashtag, let your guests know you’d appreciate that they use it. Leave subtle reminders on place cards, programs, etc.

These creative wedding social media options are fun, easy to use and will ensure your special day remains unforgettable.

Amazing Social Media Ideas For Your Wedding Day (part 1)

The relevance of social media rises by the day in the wedding industry, particularly for a modern wedding. Things have changed, and couples incorporate social media ideas for their wedding to reach more family and friends, sharing their nuptials. It’s so fun and also a very creative way to save wedding memories for a long time.

If you are preparing for your wedding, you might enjoy adopting some social media app ideas for your event. See some creative wedding ideas for social media in this article.

1. Build a social media wall for your wedding

Things like cute photos and videos, wedding ceremony ideas, and much more will be well-shared by using your wedding hashtag. Before your important day, use a social media aggregator tool in order to get all these feed shares. Set up a social media wall and then run up all feed on digital signage.

This is an attractive and classic idea that will sit well with your guests as seeing their posts displayed on your wedding’s social media wall will make them feel important. You have just made them part of something memorable.

2. Develop a personalized Snapchat filter

Is there a particular way that you want your wedding to look? Or are you planning to take creative wedding photos for specific geography? If yes, pay a little sum on Snapchat and get a custom made a filter to add sauce to the event. You should do this in advance before the wedding day to ensure that Snapchat will review and approve it right on time.

3. Create a social media photo booth

You can bring social media down to your wedding by creating a photo booth. Create props for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Include your names, hashtag, and icons. Your guests will have fun taking snapshots in these props.

4. Build a wedding blog

A wedding blog might be the biggest platform to document your big day. It takes on everything from getting guests to interact and telling your love story to share live videos and photos. The blog remains long after the wedding and can become an archive for many later years. Include the site URL on your wedding invitation and save dates and guests will log on to get with the fun.

An ace wedding for the ultimate tennis fan

In light of tennis becoming a more and more favorite sport in the world, we have researched inspiration for your very own tennis wedding theme.

1. The Venue

The most obvious way to honor your love of tennis on your wedding day might be by choosing the very own wedding venue of Andy Murray, Cromlix. This stunning wedding venue is owned by the tennis superstar, and you will often find him enjoying a game on the tennis courts there. The sporting star also celebrated his own wedding reception to Kym Sears at Cromlix to take advantage of the beautiful grounds with a marquee reception.

The wedding venue of Andy Murray, Cromlix

2. Venue decoration

Let your guests see your love of tennis through your venue decoration. One of the best tennis wedding decor ideas we found is hanging green spherical lanterns from the ceiling, if not mentioning all of the tennis racket decor inspiration.

3. Centerpieces

An easy way to show off your tennis wedding idea is through your centerpieces. Do it yourself by grabbing some tennis balls and getting creative. You can even use tennis balls for your place cards for a really amazing effect.

4. Food

Give your wedding party a real Wimbledon theme by going for lots of creams, Pimms, and strawberries. If you are going to set a dessert table, you can decorate your mini desserts including tennis ball macaroons!

5. Photographs

It’s very important to discuss your idea with your wedding photographer beforehand, as well as ask if they would like you to bring any props. If you are planning a tennis-themed wedding, using tennis balls and rackets for photographs will make your portraits have a really fun feel.

6. Stationery

Another good way to show off your tennis wedding theme is through your wedding stationery. Have your invitations designed around tennis and if you are using signs or boards throughout the day, just include some tennis details.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding (part 1)

If you want to plan a wedding which leaves you feeling totally guilt-free about the environment, here are ways to have an amazing eco-friendly wedding.

Normally, weddings don’t tend to be hugely eco-friendly events as there might be a lot of throwaway décors, plastic packaging, and food waste, not to mention the carbon footprint of all your guests there.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of couples who are looking at ways of having an eco-wedding or adopting some eco-friendly ideas in order to make their wedding day bit more sustainable.

From finding a green wedding venue to using local wedding suppliers, these eco-friendly wedding ideas can give you a fantastic theme when you save you money, give your guests food for thought, and tie the knot. The key thing is that preparing an eco-friendly wedding should not feel like a chore, which these brilliant ideas don’t.

If you want your wedding day to be green from start to finish, or you are looking for just a few of eco-elements to give your wedding an ethical twist, although these eco wedding ideas don’t require much effort, they can give a big reward.

1. Choosing Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues

Your wedding venue choice is one of the biggest factors in having an eco-friendly wedding. That doesn’t mean you need to sign up to compostable loos and a tipi if they are not your things.

An eco-friendly wedding venue doesn’t have to be on a farm or field. It might be simply a question of reducing the amount of material and energy used to bring the day together. Here are some tips to find an eco-friendly wedding venue:

Choose a Location Close to You

Because the biggest carbon footprint of your wedding day is from travel, if you can find a suitable place near most of your guests, that will be the biggest win in planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Find a Sustainable Venue

Instead of transporting a venue like a marquee, find a permanent building such as a barn, hall, or country house. If they regularly host events, they will have the infrastructure set up to well adapt to your eco wedding, such as recycling facilities and good contacts with local suppliers.

The top wedding decor trends for 2019-2020

While the groom and bride spend months on choosing what to wear, a wedding planner does the same to try to put up a picture-perfect do. We write down here the top wedding decor trends for 2019-2020.

Floral All The Way

When it comes to any celebrity wedding, you might instantly visualize a floral backdrop that is designed as a photo-op spot. However, the current trend is moving towards more elegant floral styles that use textures and incorporating little details about the couple as well as the family. The wedding decor can be layered with fringes, ruffled, or self-textured fabrics. Pampas grass has become a large part of aisle décor, lounges, and tablescapes. The key is to keep the floral look restrained and you should not overdo it.

Eco-friendly wedding

Keep it Green

Sustainable and environment-friendly weddings have become an increasing trend. There is a fact that high carbon footprint and humongous wastage are caused due to wedding decorations; therefore, there is an immediate need to adopt more ecological wedding decor ideas such as installing solar lighting units at the venue, using locally sourced florals, or using recycled seed paper for wedding cards.

Tropical Treat

If you want a beach wedding, a tropical wedding decor will be perfect for you. There are a few ideas to create a tropical treat for your wedding by using a mishmash of color and rustic elements. For a beach wedding, you can use elements such as fun stalls, wooden boxes, and bohemian style beds instead of the traditional dining tables.

Retro Chic

Nowadays, people are opting to keep their wedding more personal and customized. Retro is in these days when one might see that more typewriters are being used for wedding decor rather than typing. Another idea is to put the wedding cake or flowers on an antique sewing machine table while cocktails might be served in pickle jars or mason jars. Additional, a vintage theme might also include beaten metal vases and mirrors with Victorian frames.

Easier Wedding Planning With These Game-Changing Apps

When the sheer excitement of your wedding has fully set in, the truth is that now you are tasked with planning a memorable party for your guests. Gathering wedding pros and guests in one place is an ideal that can feel incredibly daunting, but now you don’t have to leave your own home to pull off your celebration from the comfort of your house. These game-changing wedding planning apps and services will make quick and easy work of all your planning duties.


There are a lot of brides and grooms that have been buzzing about this all-in-one wedding brand since its inception in 2013. Zola makes the wedding planning process almost enjoyable thanks to features including free wedding websites, a registry service, and picturesque wedding paper. Use this app to browse thousands of products and experiences as well as create a limitless lift of coveted registry items. You can choose to discreetly ship or return any products or services that are given at a later date to accommodate your schedule.

Available: free for both iOS and Android devices


AllSeated is a virtual reality template which takes the guesswork out of seating your guests to visualize the layout of your venue. The app’s immersive technology helps you to bring your venue to real life thanks to a 3D designed floor plan offering to-be-weds a glimpse of the party layout before the big day comes. Import your guest list into the tool for seamless creation of seating charts in order to create a floor plan in minutes.

Available: free for both iOS and Android devices


If you are stumped on the exact pre-wedding task that you should tackle first, use Trello. This app offers to-be-weds with their to-do list by supplying list, cards, and boards in order to help you prioritize your pressing wedding planning tasks.

Available: free for both iOS and Android devices

Amazing Reception Ideas For A Memorable Wedding Night

Another wedding season is coming, and during this special time of the year, we seem to be traveling from one wedding to next like that our loved ones all tie the knot. If you are planning your own wedding in the coming time, it is time to take notes and pick up different tips and tricks from the following list of the most amazing wedding reception ideas.

1. Try long tables

People often use smaller and more intimate tables throughout the reception for their wedding, why not try another route by putting in long tables. If your wedding venue allows for longer tables, it may be a more suitable route to take. Mixing and mingling larger tables will cultivate interactive wedding guests.

2. Set up a dessert bar

The cake at a wedding is not only a popular tradition but also one that can satisfy sweet teeth everywhere. But there may be guests who want to indulge their sugar addiction a little more. So   I recommend you set up the dessert bar. There’s no shortage of delicious sweet treats from cookies, brownies, and macaroons to offer your guests.

3. Have a photo booth

One of the most popular wedding trends in the present is the iconic wedding photo booth. Whether you rent equipment or hire a specific photographer, there are different ways to carry out a photo booth for your wedding.

We also recommend you use both digital and physical copies of the photos for your guests. They may lose their physical copies as the wedding night carries on but still love the images to remember the night.

4. Welcome guests to take off their shoes

Dancing for hours in heels can be painful for your guests, so make them more comfortable by providing sandals or slip-on to change into when they remove their heels.

5. Serve custom cocktails

Creating custom drinks crafted or inspired yourselves can spark and portray your own personality so much. It let your guests know your spirit of choice and also help you lean sweet or sour, or even savory.

Tips for Wedding Planning Organization

It is no doubt that wedding planning can be overwhelming. You might have ever wondered why some professionals can make it their full-time job when there are a lot of details that go into making an event like this. These following tips will help you keep track of your to-do list, spendings, and communications to prevent everything from slipping through the cracks.

1. Create a wedding binder

Besides apps and online features, sometimes it’s also great to just go old school. Having a physical copy of your inspiration, vendor research, contracts, to-do lists, etc. helps you keep nothing get lost in the interweb. It also helps you have a nice memento to look back. Just imagine flipping through the pages with your daughter when she plans her special day.

Moreover, combining everything into one binder helps you know exactly where everything is. For example, if you forget what color napkins you have chosen when you are looking at chair sashes, you won’t have to dig around to find it because all your information is kept in one handy-dandy wedding binder.

2. Use spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a wonderful gift to everyone. Keep track of your guest list and who has RSVPd. Enter formulas to automatically calculate your budget. With Google Sheets, you can also share bridal shower ideas and more. Additional, if you want to delegate any tasks to your family and friends, you can keep track of what is getting done with online checklists.

3. Make a wedding email

Having an email dedicated solely to your wedding communications has a lot of benefits. First, when you tie the knot, you don’t have to unsubscribe from all the newsletters, vendor lists, and advice columns that you have been getting. You can easily deactivate or sign out of that address. Second, you don’t have to dig through a variety of Skimm updates or Bath & Body Works coupons to find the DJ you were emailing. Third, you can easily sort through your emails by creating folders within your inbox, including one folder for budget, one for contracts, one for appointments, one for invoices, one for helpful blogs, etc.

Five Wedding Ideas for Athletes and Sports Fans

If you are the kind of people who are all about sports, you surely want to let that shine at your wedding.  Here I want to share five creative ways to have a sporty wedding with you as well as other sports-loving couples to start the brainstorming. 

Wedding Day Workout

For running athletes or fans, a day isn’t complete without a run, so naturally they want to take a shake out run the morning of their weddings. Besides runners, there are also the ladies heading to the yoga studio, guys hitting the basketball court or the golf course before the start of the day. So, consider a little sporty fun before getting ready for your wedding if you want.

Portrait Props

For those who love all things related to sports, including baseball, football, or tennis, to illustrate their love of the game, they might choose to bring out some sports-focused props during the portrait portion of their wedding day. This allows them to show their personalities as well as the sports that they like.

Place Cards

There are a lot of details in the reception that can be designed to show off your personalities. You can use place cards that feature your favorite athletes, from football stars to baseball players or anything else. Your guests will get a little sporty-ness along with their names and table assignment.

Place Card Holders

When selecting the place card holders for athletes or sports fans, there are some kinds of place card holders that celebrate the soccer, football, baseball, or basketball stars. These will be fun giveaways for their guests to bring home.

Table Numbers

Tables can be numbered or named after all sorts of things! Sporty couples can name and number their tables after their favorite sports players. Make sure that the table numbers are sequential so that guests can find their tables easily.