Difference Between A Civil Wedding And A Church Wedding

The decision of choosing whether to get married in a church or have a civil wedding ceremony depend on the personal choice of the couple. As you decide the type of the wedding to hold always understand whether you`re going to offend any of your key stakeholders.

What is a civil marriage?

This is a wedding that is performed and recognized by the official government without involving any religious affiliation and ensuring that legal requirements of the locale are observed. Different countries have their own way of performing civil marriage like some countries require the couple to have their first marriage be done in a civil ceremony in a public place.

In some country, they require the couple to have first fulfilled one condition of being married in a religious ceremony that is recognized by the state or being married in a different country.

What is a church wedding?

Biblically, a church wedding is a solemn and public covenant between a man and a woman in the presence of God. The marital union is created by God when the bride and the groom minister through the exchange of their vows.
In both civil wedding and Christian wedding, there is marriage pledge which is very important for it keeps a different radical concept of marriage distinguishing that there is no one whether inside or outside the church is the same again but you have now become couples.

Difference between a civil wedding and a church wedding

Even though vows are the heart of the wedding, in a civil wedding the couples are flexible to personalize their vows while in a church wedding some religions they do not divert from traditional standard of acknowledging their Belief in a Higher Being.

Having a marriage license in a civil wedding the judge or anyone who is authorized by the state to marry couples preside over a civil wedding ceremony that is held by the government position while in a church wedding the person who can preside over a marriage ceremony must have been chosen from the faith organization according to their laws and tradition to minister.

In a civil wedding, the ceremony is held on a non-religious site like in a courthouse or in a family home which is considered by many people being simple and less expensive than a church wedding. Also, the ceremony of a civil wedding does not consume a lot of time and the preparations are simple especially if it is taking place in a courthouse. In a church wedding, the ceremony must take place in a religious place where official members of the clergy can attend. Considering that a civil wedding does not require any ring ceremony or any recessional it becomes cheap than a church wedding.

According to the law, in a civil wedding, the couples must represent a license. The marriage becomes legal when the legal document of the marriage certificate is signed by the officiants whereas in church wedding the law does not allow the couple to have a license because biblically the church has its sacramental nature. Even though the law does not allow a license for a church wedding, without a marriage license your marriage is not legal. The marriage in a church wedding become legal when the officiating clergy signs the marriage certificate.

The only big difference between a civil and a church wedding is that civil wedding is performed by the government officials while the church wedding is performed by the religious officiants. Regardless of whether the type of wedding you perform a marriage is a religious institution that is normally defined by the faith denomination although it is also a legal contract that is recognized by the government. The legal part of the marriage displays a variety of benefits and privileges that hold the rights of each person while the spiritual aspect of marriage recognizes only your religious beliefs. Though civil wedding has been progressively being redefined in a long way by the Christian understanding.

Wedding Bridal Party

Who are the bridal party?

These are a group of people who the bride and the bridegroom have chosen in order to fulfill roles in their wedding day and they are involved in your special day. Normally, your bridal party can be as big or as small as you want them to be so that can fulfill different roles on the wedding day. According to your decision, you can either choose your bridal party from the members of your family or your close friends. These people will give you a positive impression of how your valentine`s day will be. Among your best friends, you should choose at least one couple who will turn up to be your matron and maid honor.

The `don’ts` on the bridal party

You should always choose a bridal party that is financially capable of facilitating their bridal dresses and suits. Also, make sure in your bridal party there is an equal balance of gender and this will reduce frustration to your bridal party.
During your ceremony, you should not burden your bridal party to finance your big day rather you should be independent.

Also, make sure that you don`t allocate difficult tasks to your bridal party since it may lead to stressing them hence not enjoying the day with the rest.

Make sure there is uniformity of the color of the dresses or suits of the bridal party but you should regulate yourself on the fact that not all bridal party will accept the given design of their clothes. Hence, you should have room for changes.

The do`s on the bridal party

During your wedding day, the bridal party should take responsibility for making sure that the bride and the gloom are positive about their big day.

During the photo session, the bridal party is the stronghold of bringing your day glorious by complying with the photographer moves.

The bridal party should also assist the bride and the gloom in choosing the outfits including choosing the bride`s gown and the groom suit.

It is the responsibility of the maid to lead the bridesmaid troop and make sure the bridal party goes for their fittings and that each one of them receives his/her cloth before the wedding day.

The maid should also ensure that the bridal party has their make-up done and that each one of them has a correct bouquet.

The responsibilities up-taken by the bridal party during the wedding day

The bridal party should at least be willing to assist the bride and the groom with some of the responsibilities that should have otherwise been uptake by the bride or the gloom. The following are duties that the bridal party should be at least willing to uptake:

The bridal party should coordinate the transport from the bridal`s home to the reception area making sure that the vehicles can be accessed anytime during the big day.

The bridal party should ensure that the lodging that will accommodate the bride and the groom is readily available for both of the honeymoon.

The maid and the matron should ensure that the gifts that the bride and groom receive during their big day are secured and reach their destination safely.

In conclusion, the bridal party is the one who plays the biggest role in making the brides and the grooms day a fantastic one. On the other hand, they can also make your day not a success if they don’t comply.

After the big day, it’s good to appreciate the bridal party for the good work done by them, since were it not for them the bride and the groom would be so much exhausted.

A wedding being successful it needs help from family and friends no wonder its advisable for the bridal party to be chosen from either the two sets. Family members and friends are a stronghold in a person’s happiness especially if a wedding is involved.

How To Choose A Good Wedding Site

Choosing a wedding site is one of the biggest decisions made by a couple while making arrangements for their wedding. The wedding site you choose will influence almost the whole budget of the wedding day. The site you choose will even determine the arrangement and the number of people to be accommodated. This helps in knowing the number of tents and chairs you need to be having on your wedding day.

Things to consider while selecting a wedding site.

Have a variety of choices.

One should have a variety of sites in mind before making a final decision of the site to carry out the wedding ceremony. This will enable you to make a good decision considering the following:

Make an estimation of the number of people you would like to invite to your wedding. This is to enable you to know how big the site should be to accommodate the number of people you are willing to invite. You would better hire a big wedding site even if only a few people will attend that hire a small wedding site and the attendance becomes more than expected.

Consider your financial status.

Check your financial status and take time to figure out the amount you are willing to spend on your wedding day. Take time to know various sites and how much capital is required to hire each of those sites. You don’t have to spend almost half of the wedding budget on the wedding site. You should look for a wedding site that you can comfortably afford without altering the other plans.

Time and date for the wedding.

Choose the date you would like to hold your wedding. The period you choose to have a wedding may also affect the wedding site that you may be willing to hold the wedding. There are many things that people determine before planning the date to hold their wedding. Some hold their wedding on an anniversary day of when they met, or when they introduced each other to their parents among other reasons. Holding weddings on offset seasons spares the budget of the wedding since most sites are offered at a lower rate.

Line of events of the venue you prefer.

Availability of the site you choose to hold your wedding ceremony is also a determinant. This will enable you to make a good plan and especially the date of your wedding. You should book a day when no other function is being held in that specific site you want. It will also help you to make arrangements on how the two functions can be held on the same day. For example, you can begin the wedding ceremony in your place of worship and the move to the site of your choice for the reception.

Wedding theme colors.

The theme colors you pick may also determine the venue that is favorable for your wedding. Most wedding sites have their own chairs, tents among other decorations. This enables you to determine a site according to the colors that are more favorable for your wedding. The services they offer in decorating the wedding sites also help you to make a wise decision on the place you want your wedding ceremony to be.

Type of wedding you are willing to have.

You may also put into consideration whether you are willing to hold either a traditional wedding or a modern wedding. Sites of traditional weddings defer to those of modern weddings. Traditional wedding sites are mountaintops, zoos, planetariums among others. You may decide to make your wedding more colorful using these traditional sites or perform the ceremony in modern sites which may include city lofts, art galleries, and industrial warehouses among others.

While having a good wedding site, one can even know how lively the wedding will be. Your decision on the wedding site you prefer should not be self-centered since your aim is to make it a great day for all who will attend your wedding. It is advisable that you should consult friends and your family members so that you can get different ideas from different people. This also helps one to know how different people would like to color your wedding ceremony.

Invitation To Wedding


This is a formal letter that one writes requesting your recipient to attend your wedding and it is supposed to be written and mailed five to eight weeks before your wedding date. According to western culture, the mother of the bride will be the one who will take this privilege duty to host to issue invitation letters by either sending them herself or request someone to assist her. The mother of the bride will take this duty on behalf of the bride`s family and can also do it by selecting the list of a social secretary who will send the invitation letter to the social community. Most of the people have adopted the new technology of computer and are able to print themselves the invitation letter using printers or inkjet.

How To Prepare Your Guest List

It may be seen as if it is a simple task to make the list of your guest but it takes someone to follow some tips in order to track RSVPs, menu preference and anyone who you want to include in your list.

One of the essential tips is to decide how you`ll divide your list before accepting any financial support. The truth about this tip is that while dividing your list you may end up messing up especially if one or both set of your parent are planning to contribute financially. This is why you have to be clear about what your expectation before you can accept their help. It is a good idea to hold a family together from both sides of your family if you are planning to finance your wedding so that you can tell them about the list you have prepared in order to avoid bad surprises.

Also, be clear and realistic about the number of guests you have on your list in order to avoid stress. Even though you can try to be realistic the list that counts your guest will stress you and you can`t avoid. This is because as you consider the budget and the venue size of your wedding, some guest will add the number of plates that your caterer will have prepared, rental chairs and also the cake that you will need.

How you will collaborate your system is another tip to look since there are different ways in which you can build up your guest. Use a system that you can easily input and export your guest from the list for this will help you to create a seating chart of your RSVPs. Also, the contacts of everyone who is on your list will help in later when you will be holding your anniversary party.

Avoid both of your two set parents lowering you down by setting boundaries. In case of any hard conversation have it face to face to make sure the signals you are sending are right and there is no emotion involved. Also, void rushing the last minute for you will get some awkward moments that will frustrate you during your wedding day.

Come up with rules that will cut your list so that you can make things to look easier in order to avoid potential drama during your wedding day. Stick to that your rule so that you can avoid having horror stories and at last you will have a smooth process. Also, divide your list into two parts such that the first part contains people who you could never imagine not attending your wedding and these people are the one who will receive the invitation card first. The second part of your list will contain guest who you really want to be there.

What You Should Do With Wedding Invitation

Make sure if you will require RSVP in your wedding there are envelopes which have posters and use invitation insert that will include information about exclusive events such as ring ceremonies.
Introduce the vibe of your wedding by having colors and scheme of your wedding. This will help your guest to have a sneak peek at your wedding and will help the event to feel cohesive and well organized.
Include anyone who is hosting your wedding and the reception of which most of them are a parent. Also, include the return address on the envelope for this will make your wedding to have a proper placement and will make your things easier.

How To Plan A Wedding

Prepare Yourself Mentally

You should enter into the planning into a sober mind and have an open mind and be flexible in changing your ideas. One should not be frustrated if the first plan of his/her planning is not successful. It is good to alter some of the plans to comply with the readily available finance capability.

Decisions On Budget And Strictly Following Them

This is the first step that should arise when planning any wedding. One should consider the fact that this is a one-day event and whether or not he/she will be able to fund back any cash that might be enormous. It`s never good to start a marriage in bankruptcy this may also lead to financial stress hence health problems.

Consider The Wedding Destination.

This may need some help from professions who know much about venues, this consultation is done to help one schedule easily for the event. This often combines the reception plus the honeymoon event in general. The professions will help one plan the event in proportion to the amount of money they got, have ample time to prepare since some people need to go out of their countries so one should take time and get the passport ready on time.

Decide On Date And An Alternate Date

First, you should call your ceremony location and ask them when the place is readily available for use to avoid unnecessary planning. If the place is booked at your desired time you should ask for an alternative day and compensate the ceremony. One can also ask for morning weeding if at all there is another ceremony which will take place later in the day, always be realistic because a good weeding is not easy to plan

Work With Your Partner To Make A Guest List.

Determine how many people you can host with the budget set aside and maybe prepare on how to have the wedding cards to avoid many people attending compared to the planed the destination choice may also influence the number of people going to be invited. Then do not underestimate or overestimate the people attending always live room for uncertainty.

Buy A Wedding Planner Book Or Make Your Own.

Always make sure that the wedding planner book has dates and pocket brochures. This helps arrange one’s ideas in a sensible manner and also help in having contact information. If all is well in the first few days the arrangement of the event becomes enjoyable but if not it becomes hectic and stressful. Don`t ignore even the minor things like the font color of the wedding these minor things become a serious issue on your valentines wedding day.

Make A Timeline With The` Do List

In the first month of your planning you may go looking for the best dresses for your big day and arrange everything about the bridal party.one can also look for the best vendors to color the big occasion, It should be noted that on the first month complex issues should be first taken care of, the other months near to the weeding lighter issues should be taken care of since they are not that stressful matters.

Consider A Casual Theme Weeding.

In this case, try and have a great party that you will be proud of in the future. One should always be creative and at list try and create something fun. Try and think outside the box and avoid so much fantasy since this may lead to disappointments if not the way one expected on the final day. Try and avoid copying other peoples wedding and come up with something new and classic. Many events fail not because they were arranged badly but because one tried to do like a his\her best friend’s wedding.

Decide Who You Want In Your Wedding And Ask Them

One should consulate at list parents and friends who will be present on that day. One does not really need so many bridal parties. Don`t assume that your friends must have heard about your wedding from other people make a step and inform, they remember the more people you invite the more amount of money needed to fund them. Always surround yourself with people that are positive thought the period.

How To Choose A Good Wedding Dress And Engagement Ring

The photo that you will keep forever in your mind will determine how you will plan your wedding and which kind of dresses you will wear. Considering that all eyes are facing on you should try to make your wedding day look perfect by choosing the best gown ever that will make you look like a princess. Try to make your dream look sexy by making everyone to appreciate your gown and choose a gown that will make you move comfortably during the ceremony.
When planning your wedding you should dream to wear the best wedding dress ever even though getting one can be so stressful. This is because many wedding gowns are very expensive and many women will never withstand to own one and this will make them feel very pressured. Brides nowadays have multiple dresses that they do like to wear like one for the formal ceremony and another one for the reception during their wedding day and this can multiply the budget make the shopping to become a task.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Gown

While choosing this tips they may overwhelm you but no matter how much is your budget or your timeline try to check out a good wedding dress shop.

Choose a gown that is comfortable of your size. One can try choosing a gown that is of high size than the normal regular clothes you wear. Even if you are going to lose weight some days before your wedding day shop a gown that is a little big than your size to avoid snagging. This will make you display a good photo and a memorable one to your guest.

Always make sure you shop early your dress to avoid last minute. Many gowns mostly take a period of four to eight months before they are produced and even after it arrives you will still need more time to re-check and accessorize where it is not appropriate.

Always keep the venue and the theme of your wedding in mind as you choose your gown. This is because you may prefer your wedding to be a casual garden party or a formal one. Regardless of which type of wedding keep the theme before your head to avoid your gown clashing making your wedding style to look awful.

Always don’t shop at a store that doesn’t have the style, designer or price range that you want rather make contacts with the boutique in advance to understand the inventory they have before you can visit that place.

After you have known the type of inventory that the boutique you choose have made appointments to make sure your dress is not displayed in a way that it is only you who can see it or browse it. Making appointments will make you select a dress that can make you proud of it.

Stick to what you love don’t allow anyone to make chooses on you. This may be the case when your parent of either set want to choose a gown that is only pleasing them. Stay true to what you love by choosing your dream dress regardless of other people`s expectation.

Request your best friend or your family member to shop with them to avoid choosing a gown that is deceiving you when you look in the mirror. This is important for they will help you to tell you how to rely on the good you look with that gown. Also, consider how you feel about that dress for it will help you to have a variety of dresses to wear before giving you a magic moment of knowing this is the dress I want.

Choosing A Wedding Ring

The first step is choosing the type of metal you want for your wedding that will complement your engagement ring. This is because there are different metals with different properties and style bringing a different of variety of rings.
After you have chosen the type of metal you want to choose the shape of your ring whether to be curved or fitted. You should consider choosing a wedding ring that is precious like diamond or gemstone for they are the one that is more fashionable and they provide a sparkly backdrop for your engagement ring.

Choosing a good dress that is your dream dress and a smart wedding ring will make you have a strong attitude to look forward to your big day.

Things To Do A Night Before Your Wedding Day

Before we narrow down on what to do during your big day, consider first the things you will do a day before your wedding day. The night before your wedding day is the night that is full of nervousness but you should always make sure you have the peace of mind so that you will build a good foundation during your big day.

What to do during a night before your big day

You should always make sure you have all your things which include your reception clutch and post-reception bag packed and hand them off to your wedding point person. This person will deliver your bag to the hotel room or to the bridal suite and make sure they are safe.

Make sure that night you have taken a balanced healthy meal especially fresh fruits and whole grains which will help you not to wake you up because of the food hangover. After your meal keeps a glass of cold water near you and makes sure you drink plenty of water that night. This will prevent you from getting dehydration that can cause you running around looking for water.

Turn your phone off or switch it to silent mode to avoid being distracted that night. You can also hand it to your maid or matron to avoid being tempted to answer frantic messages or checking Facebook updates.

Make sure you have cash on hand to avoid last minute emergencies or in case you may need to tip any of your vendors. Packing all your suitcases and boxes to the car that you will use in order to avoid any heavy lifting in the morning.

Sort all you vendors by making sure you hand off their payments to the anyone who will be your point person on your wedding day or to anyone who you trust. Include the vendor information to your list and pass it to your point person so they can check up on them to ensure that you have included phone number, name and arrival time in your list and you have printed it.

Also, make sure you pack your items that it is a must you have them in a survival kit in case anyone may need them during your wedding day.

Before you sleep text your lover to ensure that you remind him/her that he/she is the one who you will be waiting in a freshly- cleaned tux to be your lover in your entire life. Also, remember to assign someone in the morning who will collect the gifts at the end of the wedding and do the final sweep of the venue when the ceremony will be over to make sure you didn`t leave anything behind.

Give thanks in advance to everyone who has stuck with you through this adventure and congratulates them for being there for you in every circumstance whether it is in a financial way or anything else.

Also, ensure that your clothes and shoes fit and you can practice walking with them in a straight line or make some dance moves with them to ensure that you will see your threshold and relieve some stress.

Now after all this make sure you get a good sleep that will help you truck yourself underneath and covers a decent hour.

The morning wedding

All bridesmaids and pageboys should dress in the bridal home as the bride gets ready. This will prevent creasing out of the wedding outfits and give everyone a chance to make final adjustments. The role of the maid that day will be very important to the bride and other attendants for she will guide them to maintain calmness and be organized throughout the day. Ensure that everyone has the right clothes and accessories that belong to him/her.

Admire the dress, the faces of the guest and the ceremony venue for that day will be your great day then it will whizz by. As you walk down the aisle focus every moment and as you take vows remember that you are making forever promises that will last in your lifetime. Let this moment last in your mind forever and be sharing with each other this great day.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

It’s usually good to send weeding invitation at list six to eight weeks before the weeding this gives the guest clear time for arrangement of their schedules. You may even call some of your guests and clarify to them about the wedding date and schedule; one can also use email or text messages to communicate to their guest about the weeding day.

How to let your guests know about the dressing code

The best way to communicate about the dressing code is by the use of a wedding card especially at the end of the card on the lower right hand for example you can decide that you guest will wear a black `tie’, ‘cocktail` attire and the ladies will wear white dresses and black shoes to suit the day.

The possible place to put once return address on wedding invitation.

The return address is usual placed on the back flap of the envelope. The card should also be designed in a manner that the person to receive the card is on the return address. The card should also be printed and with the address.

If it`s a must to invite every guest with a date or a plus one.

It`s not a must to invite guest who are married or in a serious relationship. If it’s a small wedding being carried out you should include on the invitation card that the person on the card is the only person expected hence friends and family should understand.

If registry info is really needed on the invitation card

It’s never good to include registry info on the wedding invitation since it sounds impolite as if you are asking gifts from the guests. Mostly always let your guests come with gifts from their own will.

How to include that no kids are allowed in your wedding ceremony.

Guests should only understand that invitation is only allowed to the mentioned. If some of you guest reply with their kids included you should call and make everything clear to them and ask them if still they would come. If most of your guests have babies maybe you should consider hiring a baby sitter.

Who are to be included in the wedding reception ceremony.

It depends on the cash that one has to fund the number of people to be present on the reception. if one does not have much cash to fund friends and family one may choose to have family only. Some friends will not understand why you may decide to do so, communicating to them via a phone call or a letter may also be preferable so that they can understand you.

Where the information about the wedding website should be included

One should include the wedding website on the save –the-date. You can also decide to include the web address in the informal invitations with either an insert or a small card.

Invitation card color.

One should consider the overall wedding invitation card color so that the card should not possess an absurd look. The color should be at list bright to make the card lively.

Here you may choose your favorite color to suit everything out and make your card nice upon your eyes and those of your guest. Considering that every wedding is a special moment of life to every couple a nice color of your card and other wedding accessories should also look splendid.

Get the best point of persons to advice you about your invitation card.

This people will help you get the best designs of the invitation card, hence reducing your cost of paying the graphic designer. They will also ensure you will not have more cards than they are required hence saving on money.

Point of persons may also help you in the distribution of those cards around your family members and friends this may lead to incurring much money but they are more preferred than the bride or groom to be doing this work herself or himself.

8 Tips for Wedding Day

We all want out special day to go without any problem or any kind of hitch. It’s a special day for everyone, and that’s why the importance of this day is really high on our calendar. It’s tough to be normal in this stressful time.

But let me help you and share some tips and tricks which would surely help you on your wedding day

Plan bit early

Say you have decided to get married during mid-2020. So why not start planning early? Trust me the earlier your planning start, the less stressful you would have to be. Insurance, guest list, these are something which can be taken care of a long time back before your wedding and would surely help you to have a stress free time.


The biggest obstacle we face during weeding is about the budget. The most common mistakes we do is, we don’t add up the little extra spending in the budget. Like, say, beauty expenses, gifts and so on. So unless you take all these things into account, there may be stressful time later on. So ensure you have a book ready where you are putting all the numbers it needs to ensure the budget is not altered.


Its impossible to land a wedding by yourself. So you must choose some of your F&F to ensure they can assist you with big decisions and with everything. You cant really run to every place, as that would make it impossible to have the wedding perfectly as you wish to.

Guest list

We all feel like we have to invite everyone we know. But on the other hand, we also do forget about the fact, it would simply raise your budget. As we have to pay the cater on per head basis. So sometimes you need to be really selective with your guest list. Just invite whom you think is really important. Trust me you can live your life with this, but if the budget goes over, then it would be something which may bring the whole weeding to a chaotic environment, which won’t be pretty. That would be something which you would dream of.

Avoid venues which are far

You need to select venues for your wedding which is close to your place. Don’t select some place which is in a distant place from your home as it would simply ruin your chances of reaching the place in time. Like, say you have selected some venue which is about 100 km away then it would be really tough for another guest to reach the place in time. And not only that very few even may attend. As it’s not pretty or comfortable for anyone o drive that much distance just to attend for a wedding.

So, remember that.

Plan B

There must be a plan B for your wedding. It does not matter how much you think positive something can go wrong anytime. The forecast may say there won’t be an issue with weather, but it may rain. There can be a problem with your cater. So always keep some backup plan to ensure everything is perfect. Otherwise, it would ruin the day of your dream. Many people forget to do this, but this is an essential part to ensure nothing goes wrong.


This is another tricky part. You don’t want to choose someone whom you barely see or barely talk. When you see in your wedding album, it won’t be pretty if you see you chose someone whom you are not in touch with. So only choose someone whom you are comfortable with, and very close. It can be your sister, some cousin or even your best friend.


This is really important. We make lots of mistakes while selecting or photographer. But you need to remember one fact, unless you chose the proper photographer, you won’t have a proper picture to cherish for. It will be wiser if you choose the same person for your engagement party to ensure you know what you are getting into.

But at the end of the day, these are all tips. Just try to relax yourself and try to be yourself. I am sure it would assist you greatly and you would have one wonderful wedding.

Good luck.

What You Need To Consider When Budgeting for Flowers

When planning a wedding, the flowers are always high on a brides list of things to do. For some brides, having the right flowers is a critical part of their wedding theme and if not perfect, will see the bride in tears or let down.

However, as with all things in life, a budget must be set aside for flowers on your special day, and that means you need to do invest time in researching and doing homework so as to meet your budgetary requirements while at the same time satisfying your dreams for the perfect wedding.

Budgeting for Flowers

When it comes to weddings, one question for many is what it will cost for the flowers or will wonder if they should include a floral centrepiece on each table? All of this brings us to the age old question – how much should we expect to spend on flowers?

There is no easy answer to this as each wedding is different and each bride has different expectations. When it comes to flowers, the sky is the limit and it can be inexpensive or can run into the thousands. The general rule of thumb most wedding planners take when advising clients is 10% of their wedding budget should be dedicated to flowers.

Ultimately it comes down to what you want at your wedding. When you consider bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages, the boutonnieres, and flowers for the ceremony and reception, things can add up. A nice gesture for those with larger budgets is to have one guest collect the flowers from the church and donate to a local hospital. This will at least see the flowers carry on and provide value for others after your special day.

The total cost will depend on the type of flowers you choose for your wedding. So factoring that into the budget will help you keep costs down. Flowers such as roses, peonies and blooms can cost more than others, so selecting flowers that are less expensive but just as attractive is a good way to go.

Running the Numbers

If you look at the average cost per wedding in America, it works out to $23,885, and that covers an average of 150 guests. Based on the recommended 10% rule, that would mean your budget for flowers should be $2,388.

After determining your budget, you are best suited to book an appointment with your local florist to discuss options and request they design a proposal for you. As this is a fair chunk of your budget, get multiple quotes and ask for examples of past weddings, and inquire if they have a list of past clients willing to give a reference.

Make sure you are clear with the florist on your budget for flowers. If they propose a plan that is more expensive, move on as they are not listening to your budget needs, so they may not be best suited for your floral needs either. Also, remember that some florists have a minimum wedding charge so enquiring this ahead of booking an appointment will save you time and stress.