Invitation To Wedding


This is a formal letter that one writes requesting your recipient to attend your wedding and it is supposed to be written and mailed five to eight weeks before your wedding date. According to western culture, the mother of the bride will be the one who will take this privilege duty to host to issue invitation letters by either sending them herself or request someone to assist her. The mother of the bride will take this duty on behalf of the bride`s family and can also do it by selecting the list of a social secretary who will send the invitation letter to the social community. Most of the people have adopted the new technology of computer and are able to print themselves the invitation letter using printers or inkjet.

How To Prepare Your Guest List

It may be seen as if it is a simple task to make the list of your guest but it takes someone to follow some tips in order to track RSVPs, menu preference and anyone who you want to include in your list.

One of the essential tips is to decide how you`ll divide your list before accepting any financial support. The truth about this tip is that while dividing your list you may end up messing up especially if one or both set of your parent are planning to contribute financially. This is why you have to be clear about what your expectation before you can accept their help. It is a good idea to hold a family together from both sides of your family if you are planning to finance your wedding so that you can tell them about the list you have prepared in order to avoid bad surprises.

Also, be clear and realistic about the number of guests you have on your list in order to avoid stress. Even though you can try to be realistic the list that counts your guest will stress you and you can`t avoid. This is because as you consider the budget and the venue size of your wedding, some guest will add the number of plates that your caterer will have prepared, rental chairs and also the cake that you will need.

How you will collaborate your system is another tip to look since there are different ways in which you can build up your guest. Use a system that you can easily input and export your guest from the list for this will help you to create a seating chart of your RSVPs. Also, the contacts of everyone who is on your list will help in later when you will be holding your anniversary party.

Avoid both of your two set parents lowering you down by setting boundaries. In case of any hard conversation have it face to face to make sure the signals you are sending are right and there is no emotion involved. Also, void rushing the last minute for you will get some awkward moments that will frustrate you during your wedding day.

Come up with rules that will cut your list so that you can make things to look easier in order to avoid potential drama during your wedding day. Stick to that your rule so that you can avoid having horror stories and at last you will have a smooth process. Also, divide your list into two parts such that the first part contains people who you could never imagine not attending your wedding and these people are the one who will receive the invitation card first. The second part of your list will contain guest who you really want to be there.

What You Should Do With Wedding Invitation

Make sure if you will require RSVP in your wedding there are envelopes which have posters and use invitation insert that will include information about exclusive events such as ring ceremonies.
Introduce the vibe of your wedding by having colors and scheme of your wedding. This will help your guest to have a sneak peek at your wedding and will help the event to feel cohesive and well organized.
Include anyone who is hosting your wedding and the reception of which most of them are a parent. Also, include the return address on the envelope for this will make your wedding to have a proper placement and will make your things easier.