10 stunning overseas beach wedding venues around the world

Beautiful and romantic beaches are always ideal places for couples. Nowadays, beach weddings are more and more popular. The paradise that most couples want to be able to hold a wedding ceremony such as Fiji, Hawaii, Bali … are always the first choice and priority. let’s join us to check out beautiful beaches to hold a wedding.  


Fiji is one of the most favorite places for couples with wild and romantic beaches. The Fiji archipelago has more than 333 islands filled with sunshine, white sand and is considered a paradise for wedding couples. Hotels in Fiji always have professional wedding services and the beach is wide, unspoiled and quiet for partying.


Rarotonga is located in the center of Cook Islands, blessed by nature with emerald green waters. If you want a quiet, romantic, gentle wedding, Rarotonga is a perfect choice.


Hawaii has long been a tourist paradise for all domestic and international tourists. This is one of the places for you to have a big, fun wedding party. This is a popular venue for couples in the US. Especially in Hawaii there are full of beautiful resorts to take pictures and hold a romantic wedding.


If you plan to organize a group in a foreign country but still guarantee a low cost, Thailand is a perfect choice. Not only can you be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery of Phuket’s waters or bustling weddings in Pattaya, but your guests can also experience many more interesting things about Thailand tourism .


If you want to choose a quiet wedding destination next to the pristine and beautiful beaches where only friends and family are present, Song Saa Cambodia resort is the most suitable choice for a single wedding. simple, cheap and romantic. It offers a professional wedding planning service that you should not miss.


Bali has long been known as a paradise for couples to choose to hold a romantic wedding party. This is also a wedding venue that is loved by Chinese stars.


Mauritius is a place that owns countless beautiful beaches, stretching white sand with many luxurious and romantic hotels suitable for organizing beautiful romantic weddings. Because it is located quite far from the mainland, hidden in turquoise waters, Mauritius attracts couples to organize friendly and relaxing small weddings with families.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located at the southern end of the coast of India and is considered a sea paradise for couples. With beautiful beaches, filled with green palm hills, and especially many large, reasonably priced hotels, it always attracts couples and families to hold weddings.


Italy is a romantic destination with ancient spaces of ancient churches, majestic castles scattered throughout the country. Italian tourism always attracts millions of visitors each year. It is also the venue for wedding venues in the coastal regions of Amalfi and Maratea.

New Zealand

The Cove Church in New Zealand is one of the dream wedding venues of all couples with great vistas. With beautiful quiet beaches, New Zealand is always a favorite destination for foreign tourists.