Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 10)

38. Corn Hole

Perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour, the classic sandbag game can be customized for a husband vs. bride theme.

How to play: Angle two large rectangles of plywood several inches off the ground and carve out one hole at the top of each team’s game board. The goal of each round is to sink as many sandbags as possible into your opponent’s target. Paint the corn hole set to match your wedding’s colors and theme!

39. Find The Guest

Provide a questionnaire with interesting facts about guests in the room and send everyone on a socializing scavenger hunt.

How to play: Create new conversations with a find-the-guest game. When guests start their cocktail hour or sit down to dinner, encourage conversation by listing interesting facts about people in the room. Everyone has to mingle to complete their questionnaire faster than their peers.

Difference Between A Civil Wedding And A Church Wedding

40. Giant Chess And Checkers

Ranging from large to life-size, consider a DIY approach to giant chess and checkers out on your venue’s lawn.

How to play: For both chess and checkers, DIY your board with a checkered black and white fabric. A fabric board makes for easy transport, outdoor play, and easy cleanup. For a rustic look, cut and paint your checker pieces from wood slices. Get creative with chess pieces as well, like decorated wine bottles or PVC piping.

In conclusion, whether you are hosting an intimate gathering indoors or an outdoor summer wedding, wedding games make for the perfect ice breaker for guests. Plan your wedding game to take place during your cocktail hour so guests are entertained while you’re taking group wedding photos or spending some one on one time with your new spouse.

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How to Plan a Wedding in a Short Period of Time (part 1)

How to plan your wedding in three months? The key is to cut out all the panic-inducing extras and just focus on the main planning tasks at hand. It will be simpler than you think. Here’s the simple wedding checklist for planning your wedding in a short period of time.

  1. Concentrate on the three big essentials: wedding budget, wedding style, and guest list.

How does your dream reception look like? Do you want a small and cozy dinner at your favorite restaurant or a dressy cocktail party? Take this Style Quiz to find out what you like most. Meanwhile, figure out the budget you have to spend. A big-budget influencer is the guest list because it costs more to invite more. Therefore, remember to keep that in mind. Because you’re planning your wedding within a short time frame, and your potential guests may have made plans for this time, you may end up with a smaller number than your average guest list.

  1. Find and book a reception site.

The popular venues like country clubs, hotels, and ballrooms may have already be booked for Saturday night, but call them to book for a Friday or Sunday afternoon or evening. Moreover, think outside the typical wedding venue, for example, consider nearby restaurants with large rooms or event spaces which can be sectioned off.

  1. Create a wedding website and set up a registry.

You can create a wedding website on for free and having one is the best way to quickly get information out to your guests. When you have set up your registries, link them so that your guests can easily find out where you’re registered.

  1. Send out wedding invitations.

Although you can email your guests, a paper invitation is the best route for a wedding invitation. You can check out your local stationery stores for preprinted invites, or look online pages like Shutterfly and Minted with a ton of designs.