Are you planning for a summer wedding? If yes, the great thing is that you can almost bank on the weather and make a lot of the outdoor venues. So, these are some excellent summer wedding ideas to make yours a sizzling show-stopper.

  1. Flower Crowns

Designs featuring pastel petals, whimsical gypsophila, and eucalyptus will add romance to your summer wedding.

  1. Gin bars

One of the trendiest tipples of this year is gathering various types of gin to serve in several cocktails. The quirkier, the better! Gin goes extremely well with fruit.

  1. Color coordinated

Try asking your guests to wear something coordinated. For example, you’d like all your guests to include a splash of green, for the ladies to wear a sweet floral accessory, for the gentlemen to go jacketless.

  1. Garden games

There are some quirky garden game ideas for you to choose to warm up your summer wedding, from space hoppers and sack races to croquet and giant Jenga.

  1. Hay bale heyday

Creating a simple seating area for your guests, perfect for a rustic wedding venue which has the grounds or gardens – some hay bales with blankets are sure to greatly attract guests.

  1. Couple’s cocktails

It’s time to make couple’s cocktails become the star of the show. Add some edible flower petal ice cubes, colorfully striped straws, and fresh fruit garnishes to turn these drinks into a centerpiece.

  1. Ceiling style

Try the country fair’s style by stringing up paper honeycombs, pompoms, and handmade bunting to give your décor height.

  1. Pick and mix

This feasting style isn’t only for sweets! Avoiding a heavy sit-down meal, instead of traditional caterers, hire food and drink stalls so that your guests can walk around while munching.

  1. Beer by the bucket

Pair beer with a vintage ice bathtub so that your guests will have a self-service bar to enjoy! Make sure that your photographer can quickly snap some photos before they disappear!