Ten Fresh Wedding Trends to See Everywhere in 2020 (part 1)

Like every new-year, 2020 has brought a fresh wave of cool and conscious wedding ideas that you will want to steal as soon as possible.

Couples that are planning their weddings this year are looking to make a serious splash with bold attire, creative florals, and vibrant colors, at the same time keeping inclusivity and sustainability with their guests placed top of mind.

From rhinestone hair barrettes to interactive scent bars, these wedding trends are making the most buzz in the present. And if you are heading down the aisle in the coming time, it is perfect to pull inspiration from this article.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Details

Zero waste is not only a lifestyle but also a wedding style. According to The Knot, sustainable weddings are more and more trending, with a lot of soonly-weds committed to minimizing their celebration’s carbon footprint as well as increasing or reusing certain details such as flowers, attire, and decor.

2. Consciously Inclusive Food Options

Not to mention totally reinvent the wheel, this year will serve up wedding dishes that can cater to each person’s dietary preferences and restrictions. Think unparalleled service, conveyor-belt-served appetizers, and over-the-top mocktails.

3. Self-Serve Sips

In terms of presentation and service, the wedding bar situation looks insanely cool this year. The Knot has been seeing an increase in self-service drink stations such as champagne dispensers, beer taps, and the ever-popular margarita bar where guests can easily choose their own garnishes and mix-ins to taste.

4. Innovative Lighting

A wedding is not perfect without mood lighting. Since candles, string lights, and lanterns will never go out of date, couples are making space for unique and bold lighting options such as hanging modern tube lighting, LED light signs, and basket lanterns, to name a few.