Brides comprehensive second-hand furniture at the wedding

Becky McMitchell started buying second-hand goods in 2015. She even buys wedding dresses at second-hand stores.

Becky McMitchell (35 years old, from Worcestershire, UK) said she had stopped going to street fashion stores since 2015. She decided to follow her mother to a thrift shop to shop.

Here, Becky McMitchell has hunted for bargain items like cashmere sweaters for $ 4. She also bought a pair of Russell and Bromley handbags (originally over $ 260) for only $ 14, and an Escada brand belt (for more than $ 400) for nearly $ 2.

In addition, she can also buy a series of products such as leather jackets, fur coats, and speakers with Gucci designs with the price ranging from 5-24 USD.

In particular, the second-hand shop is where Becky McMitchell bought a wedding dress, after her boyfriend George proposed marriage.

Becky McMitchell refused to schedule an appointment at the wedding store. Instead, the thrift shop is where a 35-year-old woman decides to “choose the face to send gold”. She feels lucky that a local store has just opened a wedding section.

According to The Sun, Becky McMitchell chose silk and lace dresses that cost more than $ 400. She had cut it back to fit her body. In addition, she also spent 27 USD on velvet pink high heels.

Becky McMitchell makes use of 100 old vintage brooch pins and a wire to make wedding flowers.

“I went with my mother. She was the one who discovered this dress. Look on the hanger, it looks nothing special. But it’s vintage, second-hand. I tried it and liked it.

Some people think I’m crazy to wear the charity store’s wedding dress, but nothing is more perfect than this. Even my jewelry is old. This pearl belongs to my mother. Wedding rings, engagement rings are the belongings of my grandmother and George’s grandmother”, Becky McMitchell shared.

She entered the hall with second-hand items from head to toe. Becky McMitchell still feels like he’s wearing a million dollar outfit.

As a child, Becky McMitchell used to shop in the street and was interested in new fashion trends.

“I started to realize that I could buy things for a quarter of the original price. So this is a good push. I feel ashamed of ever buying clothes from fast fashion brands. do not know about its impact on the environment or garment workers in 3rd world countries.

Now I know better and do not want to support companies that harm the environment, the community. I am not in favor of overconsumption or overproduction,” said the 35-year-old woman.

In addition, she shares tips on thrift shopping. She advises people to prioritize quality over quantity, check size and need patience. Because thrift shopping is not for those in a hurry.

Four popular wedding themes

Choosing wedding themes seems to be one of the hardest planning pieces that every couple has faced with. Do you like the romantic style, or just want to keep things natural and modern? Once you choose the theme of your wedding, you can move forward with the rest of your whole plans. The followings are the best wedding themes for any style, no matter how unique. Just choose and set the tone for your big day.
1. Formal/Traditional
A traditional wedding theme doesn’t mean boring but means creating a wedding that stands the test of time. If you want to be able to look back on your wedding years from now and still love your wedding dress, hairstyle, flowers, and decoration as much as the day you got married, just choose a traditional theme for your wedding.
2. Romantic
Pastel colors, delicate lighting, soft music, and plenty of flowers typically make up a romantic wedding. With the love of elegant style and meaningful details, the couple wants to plan each part of their day to bring their beautiful vision to life.

3. Vintage
If you want a vintage style for your wedding, draw inspiration from decades past. To exemplify a vintage wedding theme, you can rely on antique-looking decors, like weathered doors and worn-in wood seats. Then, finish the vintage theme with a classic getaway car, like an old Porsche or Volkswagen.
4. Eco-Friendly/Natural
Protecting the environment even at your wedding doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the little things. You can use biodegradable confetti as an alternative to rice for your grand exit, or plants instead of flowers as table decor. In addition, nowadays, invitations can now be printed on recycled paper. If the weather is suitable, choose an outdoor wedding place to cut back on energy from lighting.
If these themes are not suitable for you, there’s nothing can stop you to create your own themes for your important day. It’s your wedding, so everything is up to you.

How To Choose A Good Wedding Dress And Engagement Ring

The photo that you will keep forever in your mind will determine how you will plan your wedding and which kind of dresses you will wear. Considering that all eyes are facing on you should try to make your wedding day look perfect by choosing the best gown ever that will make you look like a princess. Try to make your dream look sexy by making everyone to appreciate your gown and choose a gown that will make you move comfortably during the ceremony.
When planning your wedding you should dream to wear the best wedding dress ever even though getting one can be so stressful. This is because many wedding gowns are very expensive and many women will never withstand to own one and this will make them feel very pressured. Brides nowadays have multiple dresses that they do like to wear like one for the formal ceremony and another one for the reception during their wedding day and this can multiply the budget make the shopping to become a task.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Gown

While choosing this tips they may overwhelm you but no matter how much is your budget or your timeline try to check out a good wedding dress shop.

Choose a gown that is comfortable of your size. One can try choosing a gown that is of high size than the normal regular clothes you wear. Even if you are going to lose weight some days before your wedding day shop a gown that is a little big than your size to avoid snagging. This will make you display a good photo and a memorable one to your guest.

Always make sure you shop early your dress to avoid last minute. Many gowns mostly take a period of four to eight months before they are produced and even after it arrives you will still need more time to re-check and accessorize where it is not appropriate.

Always keep the venue and the theme of your wedding in mind as you choose your gown. This is because you may prefer your wedding to be a casual garden party or a formal one. Regardless of which type of wedding keep the theme before your head to avoid your gown clashing making your wedding style to look awful.

Always don’t shop at a store that doesn’t have the style, designer or price range that you want rather make contacts with the boutique in advance to understand the inventory they have before you can visit that place.

After you have known the type of inventory that the boutique you choose have made appointments to make sure your dress is not displayed in a way that it is only you who can see it or browse it. Making appointments will make you select a dress that can make you proud of it.

Stick to what you love don’t allow anyone to make chooses on you. This may be the case when your parent of either set want to choose a gown that is only pleasing them. Stay true to what you love by choosing your dream dress regardless of other people`s expectation.

Request your best friend or your family member to shop with them to avoid choosing a gown that is deceiving you when you look in the mirror. This is important for they will help you to tell you how to rely on the good you look with that gown. Also, consider how you feel about that dress for it will help you to have a variety of dresses to wear before giving you a magic moment of knowing this is the dress I want.

Choosing A Wedding Ring

The first step is choosing the type of metal you want for your wedding that will complement your engagement ring. This is because there are different metals with different properties and style bringing a different of variety of rings.
After you have chosen the type of metal you want to choose the shape of your ring whether to be curved or fitted. You should consider choosing a wedding ring that is precious like diamond or gemstone for they are the one that is more fashionable and they provide a sparkly backdrop for your engagement ring.

Choosing a good dress that is your dream dress and a smart wedding ring will make you have a strong attitude to look forward to your big day.