Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 1)

One of the best moments of your wedding day is witnessing so many friends and family gathered in one place. A wedding is not only a chance to celebrate your new marriage but also a prime opportunity to let loose with those you love. Fun wedding games of all kinds energize the evening, adding a childlike playfulness to the event and helping groups mingle and socialize.

Wedding reception games get guests of all ages out of their chairs and dancing, taking pictures or throwing that bocce ball. What’s more, many of these games are easy to DIY and require little to no materials at all. Consider this list of wedding game ideas when you need to plan the perfect love-filled wedding day.

1. Ring Toss

Break up into two teams and throw each ring onto your opponent’s hooks. Use old wine bottles for an amazing wedding twist!

How to play: Buy two sets of five wooden rings at any local craft store. Paint each set with two of your wedding colors to differentiate between the teams. Place six bottles in an old-fashioned milk crate or use simple dowels on a long two by four-foot beam. Lay out the board on the lawn during the cocktail time for ring toss fun.

2. Lego Creations

Put Legos at each table and challenge your guests to build creative centerpieces.

How to play: Guests will love building unique centerpieces out of Legos of all colors. For extra fun for all ages, assign a judge to choose a winner at the end of the night!

3. Giant Dominoes

Add some excitement to this age-old game with comically large, handmade dominoes for an outdoor cocktail gathering.

How to play: This game is easy to make with a piece of plywood and some paint! Set aside an area in your wedding space for this game. Include simple directions on a nearby chalkboard or card, and even bring kids into the game by pairing them up with an adult teammate.