Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 3)

8. Lawn Bowling

Set them up and strike them down! Arrange a wooden bowling game on the lawn for some simple, old fashioned fun.

How to play: In a flat area of your outdoor venue space, tape out a bowling “lane” of sorts for an outdoor bowling tournament. Use large wooden pins that can stand up in the grass and choose a wooden or plastic bowling ball to keep things playful. If your guests are a competitive bunch, include a scorecard to keep track of during the game.

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9. The Shoe Game

Place the groom and bride back to back on the dance floor for the Shoe Game – a classic game of trivia about their new spouse.

How to play: In this growing tradition, two chairs are placed back to back during the reception. The bride and groom sit facing away from one another and exchange one of their shoes to hold in each hand. As playful facts or questions about the relationship are read aloud on a microphone, the couple holds up the shoe for who matches the statement most truthfully. Hilarity ensues as differing opinions emerge.

10. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have your guests hunt for the best photo-worthy moments! Include a prize for those who complete their list the fastest.

How to play: If you’re encouraging guests to snap memories throughout the night, including a list of fun possible moments from the day. Include things like “silly dance moves” or “the bride and groom sneaking a kiss.” This helps guests from different groups get to know each other while adding a fun level of competitiveness to the night.

11. Wedding I Spy

Include a list of “I Spy” items throughout the room for kids to find. Encourage them to draw or write what they see on their game boards.

How to play: Either in the dance portion of the reception or during an outdoor cocktail party, have the kids of the night spend on an “I Spy” adventure either from their seats or around any set space. Include a collection of crayons, colored pencils, and a small notebook at each place setting so kids can document their findings.