Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 6)

20. Jenga Guest Book

Invite guests to incorporate a message of affection before placing their block at the highest of the tower. Try to not topple the tower!

How to play: Guest books are available all forms now, so why not make yours interactive for the remainder of your marriage? Begin with a Jenga tower with instructions to write down a message on the block itself. Guests can either build the tower up from rock bottom, or play the sport as they write. Play with the message-filled set after the marriage or arrange the blocks during a large framework as a singular collage.

21. Cake Smash Bets

Who will find yourself with wedding cake on their face? Let the guests decide! Skip jars for bets on either the bride or groom.

How to play: It’s pretty inevitable that either the bride or groom goes for a cake smash during the otherwise-innocent cake cutting. Get guests involved during this silly moment by letting them vote with monetary gifts to the couple’s honeymoon fund. The jar with the larger amount decides whether the bride or groom finishes up with the cake on their face!

22. Paper Fortune Teller Making

Keep everyone crafting away with some quaint origami fortune tellers. Include many art supplies for decorating.

How to play: Popular since grade school, these fun-to-fold fortune tellers add a special romance and excitement to sitting right down to dinner. With minimalism supplies necessary, they create an ideal addition and to the kids’ table as food arrives. Make certain to incorporate a visible instruction for newbies and an adult available to assist with writing and folding for the small ones.

23. Couple’s Crossword

Puzzle-loving crowd? Create your own crossword for your guests with hints and questions from you relationship.

How to play: On each plate setting, include a little crossword with hints and answers that showcase favorite tidbits from the newlywed’s history. This crossword game also gets the table guests chatting and making new friends.