Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 7)

24. Dance Challenge

Name each dining table by song title. When the song plays, the entire table must rush to the floor to urge things moving!

How to play: Helping a marriage table bond isn’t always simple. Add a touch competition to the combination by challenging each table to rush the floor when a specific song is played throughout the night. The simplest show of silliness or grace wins the dance competition at the top of the evening.

25. Wedding Toast Bingo

During the toast portion of the evening, provide bingo boards on each guest’s table to urge them guessing.

How to play: There are always a couple of standard sentiments in each maid of honor and groomsman speech. Create bingo boards for every plate and let your guests play along side you. Remember to supply bingo chips and a fun prize for whoever reaches bingo first!

26. Marriage Advice Cards

Include a set of cards at the dining table that encourage guests to share their own marriage advice for the newlyweds.

How to play: Guests share their own marriage advice for the couple’s new journey. Set up an area for guests to write and place their advice cards, and then turn these into a singular guest book. For a special touch, arrange a bottle for every upcoming anniversary and ask guests to enter cards for every landmark year.

27. Wedding Hopscotch

Let the youngsters show you ways it’s done! Supply chalk or tape for an outside hopscotch tournament during the reception.

How to play: put aside a neighborhood where kids and adults alike can opened up and play hopscotch. Chalk where possible or use multi-colored tape on a grassier surface. Make certain to incorporate sandbags for more complex games which will be played on a hopscotch course.

28. Giant Connect Four

Create your own life-size version of this memorable childhood gem and include it into your list of party lawn games.

How to play: Drill out 35 large holes – five down and 7 across – to build an adult-sized version of this childhood tic-tac-toe inspired game. With one player on all sides, guests drop colored discs into the slots in hopes to urge a four-in-the-row combination before their opponent. Set up the smaller version for kids at the party.