Top Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun (part 8)

29. Balloon Pop Wall

A balloon wall pop welcomes guests to hunt messages and prizes inside a wall of balloons just waiting to be popped!

How to play: On an outsized cork board, attach an ornamental collection of balloons during a festive pattern. Instruct each guest to use a security pin to pop one balloon each. Each balloon includes a secret, prize, or instruction. Reward a couple of lucky poppers with first dibs at the dessert table or a champagne toast of their own.

30. Best Photo Booth Contest

Add slightly of competition to the photo booth! At the top of the night, the couple chooses the silliest photo from the evening.

How to play: Encourage guests to be as wacky as possible while arranging their poses within the photo booth. Many photographers will print out the pictures into a scrapbook for immediate viewing. Either the bride and groom or guests can pick up their favorites before the night is up.

31. Painted Rock

This simple addition to outdoor games includes a DIY facbric tic-tac-toe board and festively painted rocks.

How to play: Ideal for easy outdoor cocktail hours and weddings with children, painted rock tic-tac-toe combines hand painted rocks and a DIY board for straightforward transport and play. Lay out the boards on picnic tables to encourage guests to take part in a competitive game over conversation and wine.

32. Bocci ball

Set up a board and set of bocce balls to participate during this classic Italian outdoor cocktail and reception game.

How to play: Each team of up to four players throws four balls during a round with the goal of reaching the “jack” or marker ball that’s thrown at the beginning of every game. Points are rewarded counting on proximity to the jack ball. found out the sport in either a measured, enclosed board or on an open, more casual lawn setup.