Wedding Invitation Etiquette

It’s usually good to send weeding invitation at list six to eight weeks before the weeding this gives the guest clear time for arrangement of their schedules. You may even call some of your guests and clarify to them about the wedding date and schedule; one can also use email or text messages to communicate to their guest about the weeding day.

How to let your guests know about the dressing code

The best way to communicate about the dressing code is by the use of a wedding card especially at the end of the card on the lower right hand for example you can decide that you guest will wear a black `tie’, ‘cocktail` attire and the ladies will wear white dresses and black shoes to suit the day.

The possible place to put once return address on wedding invitation.

The return address is usual placed on the back flap of the envelope. The card should also be designed in a manner that the person to receive the card is on the return address. The card should also be printed and with the address.

If it`s a must to invite every guest with a date or a plus one.

It`s not a must to invite guest who are married or in a serious relationship. If it’s a small wedding being carried out you should include on the invitation card that the person on the card is the only person expected hence friends and family should understand.

If registry info is really needed on the invitation card

It’s never good to include registry info on the wedding invitation since it sounds impolite as if you are asking gifts from the guests. Mostly always let your guests come with gifts from their own will.

How to include that no kids are allowed in your wedding ceremony.

Guests should only understand that invitation is only allowed to the mentioned. If some of you guest reply with their kids included you should call and make everything clear to them and ask them if still they would come. If most of your guests have babies maybe you should consider hiring a baby sitter.

Who are to be included in the wedding reception ceremony.

It depends on the cash that one has to fund the number of people to be present on the reception. if one does not have much cash to fund friends and family one may choose to have family only. Some friends will not understand why you may decide to do so, communicating to them via a phone call or a letter may also be preferable so that they can understand you.

Where the information about the wedding website should be included

One should include the wedding website on the save –the-date. You can also decide to include the web address in the informal invitations with either an insert or a small card.

Invitation card color.

One should consider the overall wedding invitation card color so that the card should not possess an absurd look. The color should be at list bright to make the card lively.

Here you may choose your favorite color to suit everything out and make your card nice upon your eyes and those of your guest. Considering that every wedding is a special moment of life to every couple a nice color of your card and other wedding accessories should also look splendid.

Get the best point of persons to advice you about your invitation card.

This people will help you get the best designs of the invitation card, hence reducing your cost of paying the graphic designer. They will also ensure you will not have more cards than they are required hence saving on money.

Point of persons may also help you in the distribution of those cards around your family members and friends this may lead to incurring much money but they are more preferred than the bride or groom to be doing this work herself or himself.